How is it - anonymous?

Inna Zavadskaya
Inna Zavadskaya
September 18, 2014
How is it - anonymous?

The word “anonymous” with the emphasis on the last syllable is borrowed by the Russian language from the ancient Greek language. Anonymous means unknown, nameless.

Anonymous names are authors who do not sign their works, be it text, speech, musical work, or any other product of human activity. From here, an anonymous letter, comment, complaint, call, bank account and so on can be.

Knowing what the word means is not difficult to answer the question, as it is - anonymously.

Anonymously means unidentified. To act anonymously is to hide the fact that the action belongs to a specific person. The issue of anonymity becomes particularly relevant with the development of the Internet.

How to be anonymous on the Internet?

You can save anonymity online using various services that help to hide personal data. The most popular ones are:

  • A proxy server is an intermediary server in the path of your Internet traffic, passing through which you receive a different IP address.
  • Network TOR - provides a more serious protection of anonymity, since it is a multi-layer proxy server. The data, before leaving the outside world, is passed through several servers on the TOR network, which greatly complicates their decryption.
  • I2P network is the most secure network. The concept of an IP address is completely absent on this network. There is only a key assigned to a computer that is generated absolutely by chance and does not carry any information about the owner.

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