Laughter is the best medicine: how to deal with a hangover jokes?

Yesterday, the whole country celebrated March 8, in particular - the beautiful half of society. However, during such holidays it is not always possible to correctly calculate the degree of fun, and therefore the following days are clouded by the need to recover morally and physically.


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There are many ways to deal with a hangover. This brine, and special pharmaceutical products that are willing to sell in pharmacies. Some prefer to refuel with fatty foods, like soup "kharcho". It is also very important to drink plenty of fluids in order to prevent dehydration. Nutritionists and doctors recommend starting the morning with a light charge, take a shower and then drink green tea with honey.

But, as you know, laughter - this is the best medicine for many ailments and even the most terrible hangover. Therefore, we present to your attention a selection of anecdotes about situations when “it is good in the evening and bad in the morning”.

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