Landscape waterfall and fountain

It’s quite simple to make a waterfall or fountain in the country with your own hands - you need only three main components: a storage tank, a pump and electrical supply. But even the smallest waterfall, skillfully inscribed in the landscape design of the suburban area, is able to give it a new unique look.

Creating a waterfall with your own hands, keep in mind a few important points:

  1. Waterfall should look beautiful from different points of the site.
  2. Use the natural slopes of the site to create a waterfall.
  3. Perhaps, it is more effective to make several small waterfalls than one big one.
  4. The waterfall should harmoniously complement the landscape design of the garden area, rather than outweigh it.
  5. Place a waterfall or fountain closer to home and rest places - so you can often admire them.
  6. Use a local stone to decorate the waterfall - so it will be more natural.
  7. When designing the waterfall dimensions, calculate the required electric pump power and coordinate your design dreams with electricity bills.

Landscape waterfall should be located slightly away from deciduous trees, so as not to clog the fallen leaves. If you allow the area of ​​the reservoir, then in the pond more often you can place water plants in pots, strengthening them at the bottom with stones.

You can simply make a waterfall with your own hands using a pump and a liner (waterproof film for the pond). This method has one drawback - the water must be drained for the winter. This problem can be avoided if you make a concrete bowl for the pond.

If a film is used for the construction of a waterfall, its edges should protrude at least a half meter from the water current line.

First, at the bottom of the pit lay the lining, on top of her liner. If the waterfall or pond line is too large, then overlap the film.

The bottom of the pond, the line of the waterfall is strengthened with small stones, the sides of the reservoir are reinforced with large stones, filling the distance between them with small pebbles.

On the line of the waterfall set flat stones. Experiment with the location of the stones - you will hear that the noise of the flowing water depends on it and how the waterfall breaks on the surface of the pond.

Stones that form a pond and a waterfall can be bonded together with cement mortar for reliability.

Landscape waterfall should be decorated not only with stones, but also with perennials so that it naturally and harmoniously fit into the landscape design of the garden.

You will get an absolutely amazing picture on summer evenings, if you add "glowing stones" to the channel of your waterfall and pond.

If there is no place in the cottage for a pond, you can make a small waterfall without a pond. In this case, water accumulates in an underground tank with gravel and is pushed to the top of the waterfall by a pump.

The principle of creating a waterfall can be applied to the creation of the fountain with your own hands.

We ditch the foundation pit in the ground with film or concrete, install a pump and a sprayer.

The bottom and lateral parts of the reservoir are fortified with large stones and gravel.

Waterfall in the country can be not only landscape, but also quite avant-garde in its design.

It can even combine aesthetic and practical functions, like this one - a waterfall plus a summer shower. Another question is how successful this combination has turned out; you can’t refuse this new originality.

Summer residents with a creative approach and skillful hands can surprise with their unusual waterfalls not only others, but also themselves.

Moreover, it is not necessary that these masterpieces be large-scale, the main thing is a non-standard approach!

Regardless of whether you are making a large landscape pond with a waterfall or you have a small fountain near the patio, these hand-made landscape design elements will give your country house a special charm and charm and surprise your friends and neighbors.

The basic principles of creating a waterfall or fountain are just an impetus to your own ideas that you can do for your favorite summer house with your own hands.

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