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Most modern types of clothing are characterized by simplicity, ease and convenience, but, unfortunately, not by originality. In order to stand out from the crowd and not be like others, you can do needlework at your leisure.Knittingis a budget and the best option that will help diversify your wardrobe, make casual clothes not only beautiful and fashionable, but also original. And things that are tied by the hands of a loved one, permeated with warmth and care, can be worn not only in everyday life, but also at special events and various holidays.

Knitting as a real art.

Nowadays hand knitting attracts more and more fans, conquering by the scope for the flight of fantasy and individual creativity, a wide range of possibilities and solutions, as well as the beauty of the finished product. The process of knitting with needles can distract from pressing problems and bring a lot of joy, but it requires:

  • accuracy;
  • perseverance;
  • increased attention to detail.

This is due to the fact that a missing loop can lead to the fact that part of the product will have to be dissolved and restarted. Do not forget about the correctness of the calculations, because first you need to knit a pattern of the pattern on which the necessary calculations are made.


How to tie mitts with an owl pattern

How to tie mitts to an owl pattern

Mittens, in which the upper part is not dovyazana, and the fingers remain open, are called mitts. They are definitely convenient in some situations, for example, when using a smartphone - after all, neither with gloves nor with closed mittens will not work
Loop to loop - purl and facial loops

Eyelet to eyelet - purl and face loops

Knitting is one of the oldest types of needlework, thanks to which it has become possible to make warm clothes of various sizes and shapes.Initially, hand-rolled threads were interlaced with fingers, and then thin, durable
How to link a case for an e-book

How to tie a case for an e-book

You can buy a ready-made case, but, firstly, this pleasure is not cheap, and secondly, the books still fail over time, and new models may have other sizes. But the cover is necessary, because the book should be protected from dust,
Knitted Envelope

Knitted envelope

Sometimes you may need a gift envelope for bills or cards, and maybe for other gift items. And such an envelope does not have to be standard paper. You can vary the type of this package by making the envelope knitted. And
Openwork T-shirt with knitting needles

Openwork T-shirt with needles

Doing your own clothes is always original and economical.Almost for every woman sewing and knitting have become an indispensable leisure, which always helps to fill the wardrobe with new, interesting things. Especially the craft craft helps out in
Decorative flowers crochet

Crochet Decorative Flowers

Miniature flowers always look very elegant, because the variety of small and not cumbersome details makes any composition light, voluminous and also incredibly attractive. And a bouquet of tender white lilies of the valley with contrast-bright red berries
The idea of ​​a cheerful fun for a child

The idea of ​​a merry plaid for a child

It is convenient for babies to sleep where they want. You can fall asleep in a crib, but sometimes you will fall asleep in an armchair or an open carriage. Blanket for the baby - a necessary thing. They can hide the asleep baby, make a bed, close the legs during a walk. Soft and

Fur Socks

By the New Year, to please her daughter, she tied her socks so warm. The yarn chose a special nursery so that it wouldn’t be pricked, it was warm and not thick, so that the sock would easily fit into the winter boot. I'm starting to knit. For work, you need 5
Cardigan, knitted on the needles

Cardigan knitted on needles

Sweaters, blouses, cardigans, you can knit on the patterns, then sew the details. But knitting in a seamless way is much more convenient. Some "pluses": - No seams and ruptures threads; - It is not necessary to look for patterns and schemes, to knit the neck and armhole; - Baby


Bactus is a Norwegian knitted shawl of irregular triangular shape, where one end is much longer than the other, and the legs are made with an uneven edge. Classic baktus knits on the needles, simple garter stitch. It is customary to perform it from
Knitted children's handbag

Knitted baby handbag

Not only adults like all sorts of handbags, but also small women of fashion do not lag behind. Younger children grasp everything on the fly and tend to look like adults. Currently, there are a variety of handbags for sale, but their prices are also

Keychain "Heart"

Keychain is an integral adornment for flash drives, phones, keys. It is used not only for beauty, but also in order to be able to distinguish their belongings from other people's objects, since the products of one manufacturer may not differ in any way
Original collar with embroidery

Original yoke with embroidery

Recently, clamps have become very popular. They are especially appreciated by hand knit. They can be decorated with beads, stitches and much more than others, but today I will talk about how to tie a yoke and decorate it with at least elementary embroidery. So. For our
Cap for a newborn girl
19 457

Hat for a newborn girl

Behind the exciting moments of discharge from the hospital, flowers, greetings. And now your happiness peacefully snuffles in the crib, and your mother picks up the wardrobe of a little princess. Shops are full of offers for every taste, but how much more pleasant your


Size: up to 5 months. Yarn: wool mixture - 50 gr. and for finishing - acrylic, stocking needles, and for finishing - hook No. 2.5.
Children's socks with a Norwegian ornament

Norwegian Baby Socks

For work you will need: 1. set of spokes from 5 pieces size 3. For knitting baby socks rather medium length. 2. Knitting threads Alize Classic made in Turkey. The composition of 49% wool and 51% acrylic. Weight of one skein 100 grams, total length 390
Women's mittens with a Norwegian star

Women's mittens with a Norwegian star

For work, you will need: 1.a set of needles from 5 pieces the size No. 3, you should not choose long models. For knitting mittens the best option is the average length. 2. a special knitting pin (it is better if it is also No. 3, it will not spoil the product and
Sweater with a large collar

Large-necked sweater

This jumper is designed for a boy of three or four years and for its manufacture you will need: 3 coils of yarn (280 meters) green (50% wool, 50% acrylic). Knitting needles number 2, knitting pin, a few auxiliary knitting needles. Decorative button.

Zephyr booties

With the approach of winter and cold weather, we all want more and more heat. Especially it is necessary to take care of the comfort of children's feet. One of my most wonderful finds, in the field of knitting, was charming, bright, comfortable to wear booties. I want to share
Lace Fitch
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Lace fichu

Fichu - this is exactly what they called the shawl, made of lace or batiste, which was used by French fashionistas to cover the deep cuts on the dress in the 17th century. Today, this piece of clothing has become quite popular again. Only now her more often
Puppet theater of mittens
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Puppet Theater Mittens

A puppet theater in which fairytale heroes are made of mittens is a great way to diversify a holiday for kids or give adults the opportunity to feel like children again. Making a doll mitten is quite simple.

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