Kitchen in the same style?

The kitchen in our house is not only the place where we cook food - this is the real heart of the home. As the ancients once gathered around the hearth, now we are gathering in the kitchen.

The convenience of this place for evening gatherings is due to the fact that everything is close by: water, refrigerator, stove, kettle. In a word, everything is so that you can have unhurried conversations for hours without being distracted by anything.

In modern city apartments, a special place is given to the kitchen - it often serves as living rooms - not every apartment can boast of a separate dining room, but a large kitchen is very often. And this, not to mention studio apartments, where the kitchen is separated from the bedroom only conditionally.

The way the kitchen looks and how space is organized on it says a lot about the owner of the dwelling. A slovenly room with unsophisticated furniture, where each element seems to be taken from different sets is rarely pleasant. Of course, sometimes it can be stylish, but, often, it only says that the tenants of the apartment do not follow the general trends: it is now accepted to make the kitchen in the same style.

The biggest problem of modern kitchens is the competent organization of storage areas and cooking zones.In a good way, they should be in close proximity to each other - stretch out your hand, take a pan or a jar of cereal.

In order to most efficiently place kitchen utensils, food, and directly the stove and sink, so necessary for cooking, the most suitable ready-made kitchen sets. For example, such as here:

Judge for yourself what is better, piling up assorted lockers, or neat shelves with identical stylish doors that complement each other?

If we talk about studio apartments, the competent placement of kitchen elements is an important part of the arrangement of the premises. With a minimum space, I want to achieve the maximum useful volume, and this is possible only when all pieces of furniture are as close as possible to each other.

Choosing a kitchen set is not an easy task. In the shops a huge selection, eyes, really, scatter. How to choose, do not even know first! But let's try to highlight a few important criteria. The first will be the price. Yes, only on the basis of your budget you can choose furniture of a particular price category. Next, you should pay attention to the appearance and useful volume - whether there are enough shelves and cabinets to accommodate all that you use all the time, will there be room forrarely used.

After that, you can talk about materials, about the manufacturer, and so on.

How do you see your kitchen? Answer yourself this question and change your home for the better!

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