Kensington Palace announced the engagement of Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Megan Markle can be congratulated for their engagement. Today, Kensington Palace officially announced a joyful event, and, moreover, in the most modern way - through Instagram. "His Royal Highness Prince Henry and Megan Markle are engaged, - an entry appeared on the @kensingtonroyal page. "His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is pleased to announce the engagement of the prince." The wedding ceremony is planned for the spring of 2018. Other details about the wedding will be announced later. Before getting married, Prince Harry announced his intention to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and asked for Megan’s hand from her parents. The newlyweds will live in the Nottingham cottage in Kensington Palace. "

Publication from Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal)Nov 27 2017 at 2:01 pst

As for the engagement ring, it is rumored that Harry gave Megan an ornament melted from the bracelet of Princess Diana. But so far there is not a single picture confirming this. As there is still no official portrait of the bride and groom.Here and on the page @kensingtonroyal the joyful news was illustrated with a snapshot of Harry and Megan at the match - one of several rare collaborative frames that can be found on the Web. Let's hope that now the most discussed pair of the planet will get into camera lenses more often, not to mention the fact that we are waiting for photos from the wedding in all angles!

Date: 11.10.2018, 05:10 / Views: 72541

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