Keep open tomato paste for up to 3 months - really

Having learned about this trick, you will not overpay more for small packets of tomato paste. It turns out that you can store the contents of an open tin can for up to 3 months. The paste remains fresh, but it can be used as needed.

Using a couple of spoons of tomato paste, do not rush to send the contents of a tin can in the refrigerator. Most likely, the paste will not be rationally used, some of it will begin to acidify over time or even become moldy. Changing the diet to justify the costs is also not worth it. It is much easier to use the advice and store the paste in a special way.


  1. Carefully open the can with a can opener on both sides.
  2. After removing the top cover, we completely wrap the can with cling film.
  3. We send the paste for the night in the freezer.
  4. We take the jar out of the freezer and, after waiting a few minutes, click on the bottom.
  5. The contents of the tube freely travels and it appears in the film.

Now it is easy to cut the paste into portions and packaged. You can also cut off the required amount each time, sending the excess paste together with the tube back to the freezer.

Similarly, you can do with a paste from a glass jar. In this case, you will have to make a tube out of a plastic bottle and cut off the capron cap, which will become the bottom.

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