Jordan bought a real car for her daughter

Jordan (Katie Price) with her daughter Princess Tiami
Jordan (Katie Price) with her daughter Princess Tiami

It seems that we have a contender for the title of the most spoiled star kid; this is the daughter of the former model Jordan (real name - Katie Price), 18-month-old Princess Tiami.

Jordan, by his own admission, is crazy about his daughter and cannot refrain from buying something for his beloved offspring - this is how Princess Tiami got a closet in which a hundred or so pairs of shoes.

And the other day Jordan bought the baby ... a real car! "It will be useful when the Princess turns 17 and she starts taking driving lessons!" Price explained her purchase.

For her daughter, Katie chose the pink Volkswagen Beetle; for some reason, Katie replaced the “native” wheels of the car with Lamborghini wheels.

By the way, recently Jordan became friends with Paris Hilton. Not reallyDoes Lee Bentley HiltonJordan inspired to buy?

January 12, 2009

and the daughter is not so simpotnaya like mom! but about the car - this is nonsense!

I agree with everything !!!!! The girl could have been prettier)))) And the car is another PR)))

A daughter on a trip to dad :) or a neighbor :))) ...

no, you are so strange, "the daughter could have been prettier", and she is given a catalog of possible options for her appearance before birth?

perfectly said! =)))) I agree with you !! =)) but the girl is not very nice.

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