Jennifer Aniston did not wash her head for the Golden Globes

The star stylist strongly advised the actress not to wash her hair before an important event.
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The other day in Los Angeles passed the presentation of the prestigious award in the field of film and television Golden Globe. Stars put on their best dresses and tuxedos, the girls did not forget about the diamond jewelry and evening images.

No one even noticed anything unusual in the image of Jennifer Aniston, who appeared on the red carpet in a black elegant dress from Saint Laurent with a sexy neckline and a scatter of sequins. Jennifer's makeup, as always, chose a neutral one with an emphasis on the eyes, and her hair was arranged in a neat bun.

No one would have guessed, but the star stylist and close friend of Aniston Chris Macmillan, who that evening created the image of the actress, admitted to the western edition that the hairstyle was created due to dirty hair.

“She just didn't wash her hair for two days! At first we thought about making a classic Jennifer styling - loose hair, but at the last moment she chose another dress, and we changed the image.Two days after the wash, the curls became more docile. I gathered them in a bun - and that's it! That's the whole secret of styling, ”admitted Chris in his interview.

Girls around the world repeat the styling and shade of Jennifer's hair after the release of the TV series "Friends." Everyone's favorite Aniston has so earned the trust of fans that even after such a revelation, few have condemned the actress.

Let's see, maybe dirty hair, collected in a bun, will become a new trend of this season.

Date: 16.10.2018, 08:34 / Views: 93133

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