Japanese Mail Weave 6 in 1

The method of weaving "Japanese 6 in 1" is very similar to "Japanese 4 in 1", but in the end, mail provides greater strength and security. The method is slightly different, because "Japanese 6 in 1" does not form a diamond-shaped pattern. The principle of weaving "Japanese chain mail 6 in 1" - each large ring connects with 6 small ones, and each small one with 2 large ones. Like "Japanese 4 in 1" rare weaving and has a "floral" pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. rings of large and small diameter;
  2. pliers, screwdriver.

Step 1

For the manufacture of  weaving"Japanese6in1"ringsareusedintwosizes:largeringsareconnectedtoeachotherusingsmallrings.Makeachain(firstrow):takeafewlargeringsandclosethemwithpliers; then, take small rings and use to connect two large rings. As a result, the chain will turn out - bol. ring-small. ring ball ring is small. ring and so on.

Step 2

Now we’ll make another chain (second row) that will be one ring smaller than the first chain (first row). We put the first chain (first row), below we put the second chain (second row). We will shift the second chain slightly to the right - it turns out that the big rings are staggered.

Step 3

Connect the first and second chains with small rings, for this we connect the first and second large ring of the first chain with the first ring of the second chain, then connect the second and third large ring of the first chain with the second ring of the second chain, etc.

Step 4

Make the third chain (third row), it should have as many rings as in the first chain, and put it below (under the second chain) so that the large rings are staggered. We attach it with the help of small rings, the connection principle is the same - we repeat Step 3.

When finished, we get a small piece of chainmail. Now continuing, you can weave the chainmail in the way of weaving "Japanese 6 in 1". The method is quite simple, and the pattern at the chain mail is interesting and resembles a flower.

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