Is the phone tapped?

For convenience of reading, I divided the article into two thematic parts: one is devoted to the issues of wiretapping, the other to the issues of legality and protection from these actions. You will find out whether it is possible to listen to a mobile phone and a landline city and about some signs of listening.

Signs of listening

To find out whether the phone is being tapped, especially mobile, is sometimes quite difficult. It is especially difficult to do this (if not to say it is impossible) if listening is carried out using the means of the operator himself. So, how do you know if the phone is tapped? There are several ways to determine.

  • Sounds of interference. Everyone who uses mobile devices probably noticed that telephones are starting to emit certain sound signals near electronic equipment. This is especially noticeable, for example, when the computer speakers are on. If such interference occurs during a conversation, then, in general, there is no reason to worry. Similarly, interference can sometimes occur even when you are not using the phone, but it works at the reception.This happens when an incoming call is heard or an SMS message is received. But if interference occurs even when the phone takes nothing, and this happens with enviable constancy, it is possible that there is some kind of foreign device in the case of your phone that broadcasts a signal to the person who installed it.
  • Background noise. Often, when talking, you can hear the sounds of echoes or clicks. This often happens when there are problems during the connection, however with regular interference of this kind, it is likely that your cell phone will be tapped. Especially it is necessary to be on the alert when such noises occur even when you are not using the phone.
  • Sudden activity. Have you noticed that your phone suddenly lights up or it starts to flash, when no one calls or writes to you, or you do not. An application can also be installed on the phone, although you are sure that you have not done so. Or, for no reason, the phone can turn itself off. Of course, there is a great temptation to write all this off for failures in the electronic system of the device itself, and this is indeed the case (not in the case of installing applications), but often this may indicate that someone is using your mobile phone for their own purposes.
  • Delays when turning off. Sometimes when the device is turned off, the backlight can be lit for a long time, or it does not turn off for a long time. And it happens that the phone is impossible to turn off. This happens if the phone software crashes, but it’s likely that your phone is being scanned.
  • Fast discharge. If you rarely charge your phone and you have enough charge for a long time, but you notice that it began to discharge quickly, then we can talk about two reasons. Firstly, it can be a problem with the battery - it is either old or deteriorated. Secondly, it may mean that your phone is used without your knowledge.
  • The temperature of the battery. If you have not used the phone for a long time, and it is warm or even hot - it means that there was some kind of activity. Here, too, you can refer to the battery failure, but there are often cases of remote use of your phone by unauthorized persons for their own selfish purposes (listening, reading information, etc.).

Landline phones

Can I listen to a landline phone? Of course.And to listen to such a phone is almost easier than a mobile one. The fact is that the telephone line has a lot of vulnerable points, so the specialist will not be difficult to connect to it and record or listen to your conversations. The most important thing is to get access to these places. But, in addition to the PBX, there are in fact areas with open wires - for example, shields. It is enough to put a bug with a microphone nearby and the conversation will be heard. This is exactly the case, since the voice of both subscribers is also heard outside the handset using uncomplicated equipment with good microphones. In addition, there is a contactless connection (induction), and wiretapping through the ringing circuit, and embedding the bug in the telephone itself, and even the method of indoor listening using high-frequency equipment. Determining whether a landline phone is tapped is much more difficult, if not to say, impossible without a special check, however, it is also rarely heard.

Protection and legality

Let's say right away: listening to mobile and stationary phones is an absolutely illegal measure, except in cases where listening is authorized by law enforcement agencies.Otherwise, no one, not even the FSB and any secret organizations, has the right to listen to your phones. Now about how to protect against listening. As for a landline phone, then the best solution would be to use. You can also use various methods to protect against listening and illegal use of mobile phones: from disinformation and special equipment to contacting the police (if you are 100% sure that your phone is “hooked”). Misinformation can be done like this: tell a loved one whom you trust, something fictional about yourself under the guise of secrecy. If this information then pops up, it means your conversation has been tapped. Also a good solution, if there is such an opportunity, will be the purchase of a new mobile device.

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