Invisible support for climbing plants. See how beautiful and comfortable it is.

A site without flowers and lush vegetation immediately loses its charm. It is not surprising that summer residents put so much effort into making their garden look luxurious. Arrange the plants (especially climbing) will help you this simple little thing - trellis grid.

This grid is usually used for grapes. But in fact, it is great for absolutely any climbing plant. It is best to choose a grid of green color - then it really becomes "invisible", merging with the motley environment of vegetation.

In addition to its main function - a support for climbing plants - it also solves many other problems: this is a guarantee of sufficient ventilation and lighting for the plants, and original decor. The net itself is quietly attached to the wall or fence with hooks, which are often included.

It is convenient to use the trellis grid for flowers and fruit crops.Of course, this will require some dexterity and the creation of a fastening structure, on which the net will subsequently stretch. Wisteria, climbing rose, honeysuckle, sweet peas, ipomoea, as well as cucumber, tomato and many other plants will fit comfortably on the net.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:25 / Views: 31274

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