Interior Tilde Doll

Tilde dolls have many different variations of performance. However, the distinctive feature of these dolls is their elegance and coziness, despite some primitive performance. Cute Tilda will be not only a pleasant gift for a child, but will also be an excellent element of the interior of an adult woman’s room. This master class will describe the process of making the simplest tilde doll. To do this, you need to take the following materials: - fabric for the body (beige, peach or beige-peach shades); - fabric for clothes (you can use several fabrics that match the color or pattern); - threads in the tone of the fabric for clothes and fabrics for the body of the doll; - satin ribbons of different widths; - lace; - woolen threads (any) for hair; - material for filling the doll's body.
ribbon threads material
First you need to draw on the newspaper the contours of the doll's body parts, cut them and transfer them to the base fabric.There should be four parts for legs and hands, two parts for the body.
 draw outlines
Cut out the details so that there is a 3-5 mm indent from the outline. Fold the details of the pair and walk on the wrong side of the machine with the smallest stitch.  cut so
After that, the sewn parts need to be turned from the wrong side to the front and ironed well.
steam with iron
The next stage is the stuffing of parts with filler. It is necessary to stuff tightly, but at the same time “massaging” the details so that there are no tubercles. Typically, the packing of thin legs and arms is quite problematic. The usual Chinese chopstick or Japanese hairpin can help in this situation.
stuffing parts with filler
Then arms and legs are sewn to the body.
hands and feet sewn on
Next you need to sew a dress. Pattern it also should be transferred from the newspaper to the fabric and cut indented 5 mm from the markup.
sew dress
It is on the markup on the inside of the dress you need to go sewing machine. It is also necessary to sweep the bottom of the dress.
 sweep the bottom of the dress
At the bottom of the dress you need to sew lace.
 sew on lace
Then the dress is put on the doll and sewn along the corsage to the body.
 is sewn on the corsage
From above, from the same lace as and hem, is a cape-collar.
cape collar
A bow of wide satin ribbon is attached to the place where the edges of the collar are attached. On top of the bow, a bead or pebble ornament is gouged on the glue.
is attached bow
On the bottom of the dress, over a lace, a decoration is made of a thin satin ribbon folded in the form of a flower with beads or stones in the center.
decoration made of thin satin ribbons
Then you need to make a doll hair.Wool threads are threaded through Tilda's head fabric. You need to start with the frontal and temporal parts, gradually moving to the back of the head.
 make doll hair
The final touch is the face and hairdo. "Hair" are formed in the tail and secured with a thin satin ribbon tied in the form of a bow. The eyes are made of small beads, a light blush is applied to the cheeks with a cotton swab. The doll is ready.
Interior Tilde Doll

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