Interior in the style of Contemporary

Contemporary style: furniture

Furniture in the style of contemporary distinguished by a special brevity. Folding sofas, modular furniture and transformer beds with smooth surfaces, clear lines and regular geometric shapes will fit into this style.

An indispensable attribute of this design is different wall-cabinets with high functionality and strict contours.

Contemporary style kitchen

By right, such a kitchen can be called the embodiment of the female dream - the latest novelties of home appliances fit in harmoniously, all the furniture is laconic and beautiful. The contemporary style does not limit you to a rigid framework, allowing you to realize a lot of creative ideas. You can use in the kitchen lamps in bright colors, unusual combinations of colors, furniture made of natural wood - turn on the imagination and create!

Contemporary style living room

Living in this style has a higher level of comfort. The room in the style of contemporary lighting is always bright, the windows do not clutter up the windows, the curtains are chosen light and from light materials.The color scheme of the living room is restrained, different pastel colors with dark or bright accessories prevail.

Contemporary style bedroom

A bedroom decorated in this style is ideal for rest and recuperation after a working day. For furniture used high-quality materials that create a special feeling of comfort. The high functionality of the cabinets makes it possible to use each centimeter of the room to the maximum advantage, and the light design of the walls makes the room sunny.

So, the style of contemporary style is unobtrusive and light, it is universal both for the decoration of the bedroom, and for the kitchen or study. In addition, it is quite simple, it will not require you a lot of money.

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