Closers Installation Diagrams

Install the door closershould be done in accordance with the instructions, because all the restraints are attached to the door leaf according to different schemes. The most common types of finishing products belong to the group of overhead closers and have top placement (the shoe is screwed to the door frame, and the mechanism is attached to the canvas).

The easiest way to install classic limiters is to follow the step-by-step recommendations described in the instructions, and you can install such options yourself. But the floor modification is very difficult to mount, so without an experienced master can not do here. Remember that deviations from the installation scheme leads to quick breakdown of the closers, they can not be repaired. It is better not to risk and entrust the installation to professionals, this service costs a penny, but you will be confident in the long-term and high-quality work of the restrictive equipment of your doors.

Floor closers are installed directly into the floor, long before their installation, you need to perform a marking for them and determine the axis rotation position using special calculations. First they mount the limiters and only then the doors.

Top products for smooth finishing come in several modifications, they can be left and right, and also open out or in. Therefore, for their installation, there are several basic schemes:

  • If the armored door opens outward - in this situation the limiter should be installed from the inside of the input structure, the lever is placed on the canvas, and the case on the box
  • if the door is left and opens inside the room, then everything is done the other way around, the lever is attached to the box, and the case is installed on the canvas.

Hidden limiters are installed inside the door leaf, for this you need to prepare it in advance: make the markup, prepare the seat.

The final stage in the process of installing the closers is setting the limiter, you must set the speed of closing the door and its slamming. Proper installation of the limiter will extend the life of quality locking mechanisms.

If the locking equipment is out of order, you need to call a locksmith to performemergency opening of locks.Remember, a professional foreman will first of all make sure that you own a dwelling, and the fraudsters will quickly begin to open the door, Be careful not to allow dishonest people to your home.

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