Insect insects with epoxy

Pour insects with epoxy resin- in this master class, you will learn how to pour epoxy resin on insects, bugs, or any other object to make, for example, a decoration or souvenir.

Materials and tools:

  1. epoxy;
  2. insects, bugs or something else;
  3. silicone form;
  4. plastic cups;
  5. wooden chopsticks;
  6. tweezers.

for pendant:

  1. drill or dremel;
  2. drill;
  3. ring;
  4. Chain.

Step 1

Prepare the epoxy resin, for this we mix the resin and hardener in the cup according to the instructions on the packaging. The proportions of mixing resin and hardener read on the package.

If the resin is very thick, then you need to hold it a bit on the steam bath.

Step 2

We take a silicone form and pour epoxy resin into it. Resin fill approximately half of the form.Cover the mold with cling film and wait about 10 minutes.

Step 3

Remove the film. Using tweezers, put insects (bugs) in the form. We try to make them in the middle.

Step 4

Mix the second batch of epoxy.

Important: the second batch is mixed in the same proportions as the first.

Fill the resin in the form so that it completely covers the insect. Top with a food film to protect against dust.

Leave until the resin hardens. The time must be indicated on the packaging.

Step 5

When the resin is completely hardened, remove the food film from the mold and remove the insects from it in the resin (blank).

The workpiece may be unclear, then we polish it. In the end we polish with a simple towel (not a terry towel).

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