Amaze your household: make a unique path to the garden with your own hands

Craftsmen create from seemingly non-standard materials incredibly original crafts. Take at least this openwork track: it looks expensive, interesting and unique. Speaking of uniqueness: depending on what kind of rubber mat you choose in the store (of which there are a great many today), this will be the design of your path in the garden. Let's start?

To create a trace you need to take:

  • sand-cement mortar (1 to 4) with improving additives;
  • patterned rubber mat;
  • wooden frame and base;
  • metal grill.

The work process is as follows:

1. Prepare a sand-cement mortar to the consistency of thick cream.

2. Put together a wooden frame and place a board under it. Next put the mat and grill. It is recommended to wipe the form and mat machine or vegetable oil before pouring the solution.

3. Install the mat down the form, fill it with half the solution.Then we put the grate for depreciation of the track, fill it with the solution from above. Leave to dry for at least two days.

4. Carefully release the form, remove the mat and admire the result.

Date: 08.10.2018, 09:18 / Views: 84231

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