If not tile: what else can be the decoration of the walls of the bathroom?

Do not be fooled! Tile - not the only option for wall decoration in the bathroom. It's just that the masters are too lazy to change their views and learn new things. And you end up with a banal bathroom, the same as everyone else. No, really! Read the article and see wider.

Not just tiles on the walls to the bathroom

Of course, we will not discourage you from using ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Tile - a great way to veneer in wet areas, reliable and durable. But not the only one! No matter how many manufacturers of this material are on the market, no matter how each of them has any design options - you will agree - when you come to visit, you see in the bathroom, plus or minus, the same walls every time. Well boring the same!

Why not use the tile only in wet areas, where water is poured on the wall, and spray is flush?

What do we need from the walls in the bathroom? The requirements are quite simple - facing material must:

  • have moisture and wear resistance
  • well tolerated by mechanical and dry cleaning
  • prevent the reproduction of all kinds of bacteria
  • be aesthetic and fit the style of the house.

So, to think enough of the framework of twenty years ago: these very requirements are met by a number of modern materials! For example, even in the shower area, you can use not tiles, but, for example, glass wall panels and blocks, or special types of decorative plasters.

Decorative plaster in the bathroom

Just do not confuse modern "decorative" with plaster, popular ten years ago. Doesn't it occur to you to use a huge push-button “motorola” with an antenna? So the building materials market is not worth it.

Today, decorative plaster is a truly resistant and affordable coating that can be used even in wet rooms. There are different types on different bases, but to choose a reliable, modern and beautiful cover for the walls of the toilet, the bathroom and even the shower room will not be difficult.

Italian manufacturer of decorative coatings Loggia recommends the use of decorative coatings with special properties in the bathroom - so your walls will be protected from moisture and fungi.

Decorative plasters that are applied to the bathroom walls can be divided into 2 main types:

  • Plasters that allow direct ingress of water. That is, they can be used even in the showers themselves. For example, Plasma 3D, Pelle di Luna or Diamond.
  • Decorative plaster, which can be used for bathrooms, but without direct water. Almost all types of decorative elements can be attributed to such a group, the only difference here is that they need to be applied with a finishing accentuating or waxing coating, which will serve as protection from moisture.

To not tedious to paint, what is good decorative plaster in the bathroom, list theses:

  • many colors, textures and effects;
  • not afraid of moisture and water, does not erode;
  • does not harm health;
  • does not spread mold and other fungi;
  • just repaired (you can just tidy up a chopped piece, not zateva repair of the entire room);
  • in the event of a white residue, you can gently clean and wash water;
  • decorative plaster will be relatively inexpensive: a good tile is not cheaper, and the work is estimated about the same.

Well, in the end, decorative plaster - it's just beautiful!

Painting the walls of the bathroom and other options

Paint for walls and ceilings in the bathroom

The second after the tile is a popular version of the walls. Most modern manufacturers produce special paints for bathrooms and kitchens: they already have antibacterial substances in their composition, and after drying the paint does not dissolve and is not washed away by water. Do not confuse these paints with "washable" (this is not exactly what you need) and choose reliable, better than European manufacturers. Read more about the bathroom paint perfectly described in the article "7 misconceptions about painting the walls in the bathroom, 16 photo ideas of design and 3 expert advice."

Wallpaper in the bathroom

Many people are surprised, but there are wallpapers that perfectly maintain the conditions of a bathroom, of course, this is not about paper ones - look for special options for wet rooms. They do not absorb water vapor, which means that they do not swell with time and then do not peel off. For such wallpapers you need a reliable adhesive with antifungal components.

Wall paneling and wood in the bathroom

Natural wood in the bathroom has long ceased to be some amazing material for this type of room. Special impregnations and azures allow using wood not only for walls, but even for bath bowls and sinks.

Porcelain tiles and wall panels

If the properties of the tile are fundamentally important to you, but you don’t like the “squared walls”, you can use panels made of large-format ceramic granite. In fact, it is the same tile, but very thin, to be light, and a large area - can reach a size of more than 1 × 3 m. With a reasonable layout, there will be practically no facing of seams on the walls.

What should NOT be on the walls in the bathroom

But the use of plastic wall paneling in the bathroom is time to give up: this short-lived, unhealthy and simply ugly material is long overdue to remove from the list of facing for the bathroom. And, we can argue, you saw it last time in the bathroom of the apartment, which was repaired in the 1990s. In comparison with the same phone models, the plastic in the bathroom is not even a phone, but a lost useless pager.

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