How we changed the wardrobe with Martin

Well, to be honest, when I reworked a cupboard two years ago, we didn’t have Martin yet. He participated only in the final stage. But for the generality of my themes, the name will be like this)))
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When buying an apartment I got this kind of closet in the corridor, the former owners decided not to take it away (disassemble and transport troublesome).
I do not like these colors of wood. And I also consider the corner open shelves not practical - only dust is collected and a lot of junk is in sight.

Corner shelves in the hallway are very handy. Especially the regiment that was near the mirror. You just smothered it. A bunch of junk and mess now appeared on the same shelves, just behind the doors.

The color of the cabinet has become very gloomy and does not harmonize with the color of the floor, or with the color of the doors. If the repair budget is quite limited - well, the handles on the cabinet doors would be changed to more stylish ones.
I do not share the universal admiration for the alteration - the functionality and comfort has not increased.

It was

I decided to change the cabinet. First, consider the option to change completely on the wardrobe.After drawing up an estimate of this thought refused.
The next idea was to remove the doors and throwing the rails on the floor and ceiling, to put on them sliding beautiful doors. But it turned out that the ceiling and the floor are not parallel with me (!!!). Here is a pancake! And just for the coupe door price was also not merciful.

I have only met once in parallel for more than 20 years. Only this is not a reason to refuse a coupe.

And how to mess with the painting of laminated chipboard, it was not easier to order a new sheet on the facades?

After going through the heaps of options, I decided to repaint the facades and repaint visible parts (following the example of the kitchen). And make some evolution in the design of the cabinet.
Including change the loop on the new with closers.
For a better understanding, she visualized her idea on the budgetary reincarnation of the cabinet.

The corner element at the front door unscrewed and moved to the opposite side of the cabinet. Where combined these two sections behind.
Of course, I had to move the main cabinet to the left. For this, I unloaded it to the maximum and, with my back to the wall, and with my feet into the end of the cabinet, I shifted it to the required distance. It was not easy to put it mildly.

Having bought sheets of chipboard with a cut to the specified dimensions, I acquired doors and shelves to the newly formed section. The ends are pasted edge.
With the help of shelves laid to simplify the top of existing ones, they additionally fastened both sections to each other.
For hanging doors had to learn how to drill holes for loops. Practice on pruning chipboard. And, voila, mastered the next moment from the series "husband for an hour."
Screws bought at the same time with the hinges (costing a lot of money with so many doors) and handles on new doors.

The doors were painted in two layers with Tikkurila Miranol alkyd enamel with a foam roller. From the fumes a few parishes caught.

It became

Now all the junk is hidden.

Made Martin kogtetochku, wrapping a sheet of fiberboard flax twine. Secured to the existing holes left over from the corner section with the main cabinet.

Martin after sharpening.

Finally she painted the door to the kitchen and replaced the glass.

Wall opposite cabinet.

For my taste it turned out quite digestible and the main thing is budget.

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