How to write a development program

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - the Internet;
  • - headphones;
  • - microphone;
  • - paper;
  • - writing accessories.
Write on a piece of paper topics that need to be covered in the development program. Start by describing the components of the computer: processor, keyboard, screen, mouse, monitor, motherboard, etc. Detail the main (or all) buttons on the keyboard. Mention the main programs that need to be studied by the new user. These include Microsoft Office, antivirus, Paint, Winrar, Internet Explorer and others. Can include inthe programand other topics.
Make a step-by-step plan for recording multimedia lessons. Each topic on "Computer and software" should be broken into a series of small parts. Then students will be able to master this material much more productively. Write down in the column the name of each lesson and under it - a small abstract plan, on the basis of which you will record video.
Install on the computer all the necessary programs to create a course.You will need Microsoft Powerpoint to create presentations. Download not the desktop and Camtasia Studio for recording video from the screen. Also do not forget to find additional material in the network on the topics of the course. Find 1-2 sites for downloading pictures that will be relevant to the presentation of programs.
Make a presentation of lessons in Powerpoint. Each lesson should correspond to no more than 5-6 slides with pictures and a very short description (abstracts for each lesson). Remember that students will be able to effectively perceive a minimum of text and a maximum of illustrations with your clear and concise explanation.
Record video tutorials as per established plan. Try to make each of them no more than 5-6 minutes. Select only the most important thing, showing the essence on the screen (picture, key, detail, etc.).
Review the resulting course and make adjustments if you see fit. Rewrite those lessons that you do not seem very good in terms of presentation of the material. Implement this development program in the course of training users.

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