How to update the headliner in a car

With the problem of sagging cloth on the ceiling of my "Vectra B" I encountered last year. I entrusted this work to the provincial "master", which I regretted more than once. The new fabric began to become unstuck a month after the restoration. This was the first bell. I again gave the car on the pasting. However, after the second call in the cabin light disappeared. Less than a year later, the hull fell back again, and the phone of the "master" for some reason stopped responding. That's when I decided to try my hand at this new for me direction of auto repair.
 How to update the car's ceiling trim
 How to update the car ceiling trim
Dismantling the ceiling in the Opel Vectra B (station wagon) On one warm, sunny day, I started to remove the ceiling. Since the body of the station wagon is large enough, there are a lot of fixing points. First I opened all the doors and started working from the rear of the car.The plastic panel that covers the edge of the ceiling at the tailgate was the first to surrender.
 How to update the car's car roof
How to update the car's ceiling sheeting
Also on the snaps are attached and side" slopes "of windows. Above the luggage compartment windows there are two plastic plugs that are removed after the studs are pulled.
 How to update the car's ceiling trim
The backlight keeps on the plastic mustache.
How to update the car's car roof
Then you can disconnect the vertical panels and in which the front seat belts are located. I did not take them off completely, but only pulled the top of the interior.
 How to update the car's ceiling trim
There are handles above the rear doors and above the front passenger.First you need to otkovyrnut decorative screw plugs with a thin flat screwdriver, after which the screws are removed with a Phillips screwdriver. In the rear handles you need to disconnect the electrical connector from the backlight.
 How to update the car's ceiling trim
In the front part of the cabin the central ceiling is being dismantled, its body is held by steel latches .
How to update the car headliner
I hide it under the ceiling There are two screws. Besides the two screws, the case of the ceiling is held in front by two metal snaps.
 How to update the car's headliner
The sun visors are attached with three screws and an electrical wire is also attached to them.
How to update car headliner
How to update the car ceiling trim
Near the windshieldon latches fasten inclined plastic panels. Under the left panel hides the bus, which is current to the interior lighting. I had it damaged, I had to give the repair electrician friend. The plastic plastic “piston” in the central part of the ceiling became the last fastening element of the ceiling. It is easy to pull out the ceiling panel from fastenings through the tailgate. Removing the old fabric You can quickly tear off the old fabric and remove the remnants of the old fabric. remove with a metal brush. In my case, the material was new, so I decided to remove it carefully. For this, you need an ordinary small knife with a blunt “nose”. It took a lot of patience to peel the edges and edges, but the central part kept on the “honest word.”
 How to update the car's ceiling trim
I tried to remove the material together with foam layer.
 How to update the car's car roofing
For myself,that during the repair process the "master" violated the technology, which led to the peeling off of the fabric. On the ceiling panel there were traces of glue and foam rubber, which I removed with the same knife, as well as clean rags and solvent 646. The foam layer is also carefully treated with a solvent. Selection of glue and fineness of gluing Today there is a rich assortment of adhesive fabrics for fabrics on the market. For the restoration of the ceiling of the car requires heat-resistant glue, because in the summer heat, the roof is very hot, and the glue can go from a solid to a liquid. The fabric will immediately sag. After reading the reviews on Internet forums, I decided to try the aerosol glue ABRO.
 How to update the car's car roof
Of course, work it is easy with it, it is enough to turn the sprayer into position to apply evenly glue to the surface. After drying, there is no smell in the cabin. But, despite the observance of all points of the instruction and daily restraint, the first sunny day threw me into depression. The fabric peeled off, but as soon as I ran my hand over it, she again grappled with the base.This happened every time the sun heated the roof. After a couple of months, I could not stand it and again dismantled the casing. This time I bought a liter jar of Russian glue 88 luxe (universal).
 How to update the car's ceiling trim
I had to apply glue with a brush, this exercise is not for the weak hands The composition is very viscous, well absorbed into the substrate. I applied two layers, while there was good ventilation in the room (draft). It should be noted that my fear of impregnating the fabric with a dark composition was not justified. Nowhere has glue come out and ruined the casing. To ensure that the material is glued to the base and dried, I spread the plastic film on the glued fabric and poured sand. It turned out a kind of oppression. After two days, the ceiling was ready for installation in the cabin.
 How to update the car's ceiling trim
I advise you to do the installation in the reverse order, starting with the canopies and the front ceiling. The smell of glue was felt for about a week, although I aired the car almost daily. But the tissue is held securely, which pleases both eyes and soul.After all, this work I did myself!  How to update the car's ceiling trim

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