How to treat the nasopharynx?

January 23, 2015
How to treat the nasopharynx?

If you have a tick in your throat, and these unpleasant sensations are complemented by a barking cough, it becomes difficult to breathe, you are talking to the nose, and stinging mucus is flowing from the nose - you have nasopharynx inflammation. So both throat and nose are affected. Whatever reasons it may be caused (hypothermia, a long dispute, wet feet), the list, what to treat the nasopharynx, will not change much. Only in case of suspected viral origin of the disease will it be supplemented with appropriate antiviral drugs.

Drug treatment

The fight should be aimed primarily at freeing the nose from laying. It is quite suitable means used in the treatment of the common cold: Vibrocil or Protargol, Humer for disinfection and liquefaction of the mucous lump. When the nose begins to flow, medications change to vasoconstrictor. Hoarseness and cough are caused by secretions that flow down the back of the throat, that is, they are consequences. However, the throat is already irritated, so in order not to get another disease in the future, in parallel with the dripping of the nose, it is necessary to gargle.To do this, Ingalipt, Chlorophilipt or at least the usual solution of soda (tea without a spoonful of soda per cup of warm water) will do.

Alternative methods

Traditional medicine has its own recipes than to treat the nasopharynx. To combat mucous snot in the nose drip beet juice: rub the root and squeeze the "chips" through gauze. Juice is made immediately before the procedure.

To calm a cough and soften the throat, a large spoonful of dried leaves of plantain insist for two hours in a glass of boiling water. Strained infusion is drunk three times a day before meals for half an hour.

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