How to tie a scarf for men?

Ivan Prokopchik
Ivan Prokopchik
May 23, 2012
How to tie a scarf for men?

The scarf remarkably performs its main function, because it protects the neck, does not allow the cold air to gradually lower the collar, and, of course, does not allow to catch cold. Moreover, the scarf tied with aplomb, not only makes you stylish, but also keeps you warm. Right now you will learn several ways to tie a scarf to men. We are confident that this information will be very helpful to every member of the strong half of humanity.

How to tie a scarf for men

Paris knot

The most popular is the Paris knot. To tie it up, you need to take a scarf with both hands and fold it in half. Next, throw it over the neck, push the loose ends into the loop, which turned out. Tighten the knot as you prefer. This knot looks great on a leather jacket of short length. If the weather is very cold, then you can hide the scarf under the jacket and fasten buttons or zipper.

Single knot

A single knot is a great option for those days when you need extra comfort. Many men use this site when they are walking or when they need to get to an important meeting as soon as possible. Moreover, a scarf tied with a single knot can be a good addition to a suit. To tie a single knot, it is necessary to throw a scarf over the neck. Please note that one end should be significantly longer than the other. Next, wrap the long end around the neck and let it lie down on the chest.

Loose single knot

This knot is used as a stylish item of clothing. A scarf with such a knot will look good with a coat or jacket with a hood. Such a knot is tied in the same way as the single, the only thing you leave a loop to hang freely at chest level.

Double knot

A double knot is a great substitute for the Paris knot on cold days. In case you are bored of tying a scarf with the same knot every day, then this is a good alternative, which is no worse than keeping warm. Unlike in Paris, you will need a longer scarf and jacket with a small collar.Notice that this node takes up much more space on the neck. A knot is tied in the same way as a single, only the end of the scarf is left free, which is longer. It then wraps around the neck twice. In this case, you can apply fantasy, for example, the first node can be made tighter, and the second can be weakened.

Now you know how beautiful it is to tie a scarf to a man. The scarf should look fashionable and stylish. And, of course, perform their basic functions.

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