How to survive the fight

You will need
  • - fitball;
  • - water.
To survive the contractions, tune in to the good and don’t think that you will be hurt. Find out for yourself that childbirth is a natural process, millions of women have passed through them. You are no different from others, so that, too, all will survive safely. Fear increases pain, so get rid of it. Try to think only that you will soon meet with your long-awaited baby. In addition, it is very important to learn to relax. In between fights, it will help you gain strength for the attempts.
It will help alleviate the pain during labor pains. Today, the birth rooms of modern maternity homes have showers or even a jacuzzi. If possible, take a bath and plunge into it. If this is not possible, turn on the shower and direct the water jet to the waist and abdomen. Water should be warm, as heat relieves spasm and helps relieve pain. But remember that exposure to too hot water is dangerous!
Active movement helps a lot.You can just walk around the delivery room. Swing your hips, roll over or take big steps. If there is a gym ball in your room, be sure to use it. Sit on the fitball and spring on it, sway from side to side, then back and forth. Try to kneel down, clasp the ball with your hands and push it forward, then back. Some help dancing. But all movements should be done carefully and smoothly.
Properly chosen posture will help make the contractions less painful. You should not lie down on your back, in this position large vessels are experienced, and the necessary amount of oxygen is not supplied to the baby. You can get on all fours and bend your back. This situation will relieve tension from the lumbar and relieve pain. If you can, sit in the lotus position. This will relax the crotch and relieve the back. Take a seat on the fitball. Place your waist on the ball, spread your legs wide apart, and put your hands on the floor. If possible, hang, for example, on the crossbar. This position will relieve the load from the uterus, pelvis and lower back.
Proper breathing will help. For example, you can breathe slowly and deeply.Take a deep breath on 4 counts and then exhale on 6 counts. This technique will allow you to distract from the pain, concentrating on breathing, as well as to ensure the flow of oxygen to the fetus. When contractions become intense, at their peak breathe like a dog, that is, through the mouth and very often and superficially.

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