How to stick a protective glass on the phone

Samsung i9190 Galaxy s4 mini was chosen for the role of an “experimental” phone. The device has cracked glass, the ability to replace which has not yet been. To protect the screen from ingress of dust and moisture, as well as from further cracking, it was decided to temporarily stick a protective glass on the phone.

Before the film at the glass a number of advantages:

  • the ability to protect the glass of the device from cracking when the display is falling down;
  • scratch resistance;
  • ease of sticking;
  • excellent fixation with the screen;
  • aesthetic appearance.

Preparation of the workplace.

Glass in order to save money was ordered on one of the Chinese sites. Included with him in individual packages came two wipes:

1. Wet, with cleaning and degreasing impregnation;

2. dry non-woven.

In the absence of such wipes in the kit, they can be replaced with a conventional alcohol wipe (or cotton pad dipped in vodka or alcohol) and a microfiber cloth. You may also need a transparent tape to remove tiny fibers from the screen.

The workplace should be hard (for example, a kitchen table) and well lit.Otherwise, dust and stains when gluing glass may go unnoticed.

Preparing phone glass

1. Wash your hands so you do not accidentally leave greasy prints on the glass and the phone.

2. If there is a protective film on the phone, remove it.

3. Take an alcohol wipe (in our case, this is a napkin from bag No. 1) and process the entire screen of the phone centimeter by centimeter, without missing a single speck.

4. Take a napkin made of microfiber (we had a tiny rag from bag No. 2) and wipe the glass dry.

5. Look at the phone to the light: have not left on it untreated areas, specks or villi. If they are noticed, they can be removed with the help of the sticky side of a normal transparent adhesive tape followed by microfiber treatment.

Glass sticking

  • The glass on one side has a protective film, which, pulling the tongue, must be removed before gluing. Glass all the time you need to keep the sides, so as not to leave marks on it.
  • Freeing from the film, the glass with this side you need to bring to the screen of the phone, as much as possible aligning it along the edges of the display, buttons and dynamics.
  • After making sure that all the landmarks are observed and the glass is aligned on the edges, lower it onto the screen. Silicone coating protects self-bonding glass.
  • If you find air under the glass, remove them with a napkin by smoothing through the pasted protection.

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