How to sew roman blinds?

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How to sew roman blinds?

One of the options for making Roman blinds is to buy a special cornice with a lifting mechanism. However, the acquisition of such a device would be a very expensive pleasure. It will not be difficult to sew the lifting curtain itself.

So, how to sew roman blinds with your own hands is the topic of our article.

Master class on sewing Roman blinds

Tools and materials

  • Hard fabric for curtains;
  • lining fabric;
  • cotton fabric in the color of the lining;
  • needles with ball tips;
  • pins of metal or wood (the number of rods is equal to the number of desired folds, diameter 3 mm, length = curtain width - 30 mm);
  • plastic rings (3 pcs per 1 fold);
  • nylon cord (length = curtain length * 5);
  • 2 wooden planks;
  • hooks with rings (3 pieces);
  • stapler for furniture.

Sewing process

  1. Measure the parameters of the window, add the following results to the results: 10 centimeters to the side seams, 20 centimeters to allow for the upper and lower part of the curtain.
  2. Cut the fabric for curtains and lining, iron iron two pieces of fabric from the wrong side.
  3. Lay the fabric for the curtains with the seamy side up on a flat surface and bend 5 centimeters in the bottom and sides.curtains
  4. Iron the hem with the iron and unfold it, then wrap the lower corners and iron it with the iron.
  5. Without bending the corners, wrap the bottom and side edges again, the same procedure must be done with the lining fabric, making the bends equal to 6 centimeters.
  6. Lay the fabric for the curtain with the wrong side up on a flat surface.
  7. From above, spread the lining fabric with the wrong side down, you must fasten both cloths with needles with ball tips.
  8. Sew a piece of fabric between the bottom and side edges.
  9. Decide on the number of folds and the distance between them (the optimal distance is no more than 30 centimeters).
  10. Determine the location of the bottom pin: divide the distance between the folds by 2 and add one (for example, 30/2 + 1 = 16 cm - this means that the bottom pin will be 16 centimeters from the bottom edge).
  11. The upper pin must be located at a distance of at least 30 centimeters from the top edge.
  12. Make a mark with soap, where the pins will be, now it is necessary to cut out a piece of cotton 7 inches wide. The length of the piece is equal to the length of the lining fabric.
  13. Fold the resulting tape in half and iron it with an iron, then bend the flap equal to 2 centimeters and iron it again.curtains
  14. Similarly, make the rest of the tape on the number of pins (hereinafter we will make pockets for rods).
  15. Lay out the tape on the lining in the markings for the pins (the lapel should fit to the lining).
  16. Pin the ribbons to the lining with needles and sew along the bottom edge, insert the rods into the resulting pockets.
  17. Three plastic rings should be sewn to each rod (two rings should be sewn along the edges, indenting 5 centimeters, the third ring should be in the middle).
  18. Cut the nylon cord into three equal parts, the first piece must be tied to the lower left ring, then pass the cord through all the rings.
  19. The second segment must be tied to the lower right ring, then pass the cord through all the rings.
  20. The third segment must be tied to the central ring, then pass the cord through all the rings.
  21. Insert a wooden plank in the lower edge of the curtains, wrap the second plank with a piece of basic or lining fabric and secure with a furniture stapler.
  22. Put the bar on the curtain and make a mark on it at the level of the rings, in the marked places fasten hooks with rings.

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