How to remove the lock from the door?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
May 6, 2015
How to remove the lock from the door?

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How to remove the lock from the door?

The door lock has to be removed not only in case of its replacement due to breakage. Like any other mechanism, the lock needs periodic cleaning and lubrication. We are not talking about the complex structures of modern doors, which only an expert can deal with. Knowing how to remove the lock from the door, you can solve this problem yourself.

How to remove the lock from the door

How to replace the lock on the door depends on what type it belongs.


Dismantling the padlock does not cause difficulties. Overhead locks are usually installed on wooden doors from the inside with screws or self-tapping screws. They are less attractive, but allow you to maintain the strength of the structure. To remove the door lock from the door, just unscrew the fasteners.

Mortise lock

The lock of this type is mounted inside the door leaf in a special hole. Mortise locks are more reliable and durable, therefore they are used more often. The most popular type of mortise locks are cylinder.

Before dismantling the cylinder mortise lock, you need to remove the door handle. The handle is also bolted to the door with screws. Sometimes they are hidden under a decorative cover, which can be tightly worn or fastened. To remove the hardware, simply pry it with a thin screwdriver or scroll counterclockwise. By unscrewing the screws, you can easily remove the knobs on both sides of the door.

To repair or lubricate the cylinder lock is not necessary to remove it completely. As a rule, breakdowns occur in the larva of the castle. To remove it, unscrew the middle bolt located on the lock plate at the end of the door. To neutralize the protective mechanism that holds the larva, it is necessary to insert a key into the lock and turn it 10-15 ° clockwise.

If the lock needs to be dismantled completely, the upper and lower bolts are unscrewed from the strip at the end of the door.

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