How to remove swelling folk remedies

One of the means for removing edema on the legs is garlic gruel. To prepare it, it is necessary to pour boiled water over the crushed garlic head. Let this solution stand for half an hour, then strain it. The resulting gruel to wipe swollen places. After half an hour the mixture should be washed off.
No less effective and another way. Problem areas need to be wrapped with gauze dipped in milk whey. Then the place of edema must be closed with a special paper for compresses. In the morning, wash off the serum with cold water.
To remove the edema in the legs in folk medicine, foot baths from dried herbs are used. They relieve stress and reduce swelling. A foot bath is being prepared in this way: one hundred grams of dry grass is poured with five liters of boiling water. The solution should infuse for ten hours. Then the solution is filtered. Before use, the infusion should be heated to 37 degrees. In such water, feet hold for fifteen to twenty minutes.Often there is such a method of removing the edema as fixing cabbage leaves at night to the legs.
If the legs swell, then you can cleanse the intestines, kidneys and liver using popular recipes, in particular, decoction of white radish. It is done as follows: 400 g of radish is poured with a liter of boiled water. Water should boil for ten minutes. During this time, add one teaspoon of salt to the broth. Then the infusion is cooled. You can use it in unlimited quantities.
For edema in the legs every day for two weeks you need to make trays of decoction of horsetail. The procedure should last about half an hour. The grass is wrapped in canvas and boiled for ten to fifteen minutes. After the bath, the legs should be bandaged and walk around the house for a while.
Milk with tea helps to clear the blood of toxins. This mixture has a diuretic effect. Milk is poured into the cup first, and only then strong tea is poured. Within five days, this drink should be consumed every two hours.
It is good to use for swelling in the legs and this mixture: one tablespoon of dill seed is poured with three liters of boiling water.There is also added one tablespoon of ground valerian root and two tablespoons of honey. The mixture should infuse for 24 hours. Then the solution should be drained and use two tablespoons 30 minutes before meals 5-7 times a day.
To clean the kidneys, you need to mix 40 g of horsetail and St. John's wort, 30 g each of elderberry and cornflower flowers, 20 g each of bean pods, knotweed and oat straw.

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