How to read on a tablet?

January 24, 2015
How to read on a tablet?

Electronic books have replaced the usual paper editions. Today you will learn how to read on a tablet using different programs. Software developers have created convenient and functional applications that can display text on the screen of a modern device.

Choosing a program for reading books on the tablet

Consider the most popular programs for reading books from the tablet:

  • . This application offers the user a lot of customization options. Special night mode provides readability even in the dark. With Cool Reader, you can listen to books by installing a voice synthesizer on your tablet. Built-in animation creates the illusion of page turning.
  • - A wonderful program that affects high speed. Each user will appreciate the huge amount of the proposed settings. The underscore feature allows you to highlight important phrases or whole paragraphs of text.
  • - A special app for reading at night. It is able to adapt to any lighting and is best suited for reading in the dark.
  • Designed for readers who value aesthetics. Any user will like a simple white interface and addition in the form of a virtual bookshelf, which is very convenient to use. The app consumes battery power very sparingly.
  • suitable for those who love simplicity. In this program for reading there are no various excesses. The clear interface and the minimum number of settings are all that is needed for a beginner who only understands the intricacies of working on a tablet. Bookmate will appeal to children who are learning to read e-books.

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