How to quickly sew a sheet with an elastic band

Very often, if not always, in bed sheets, sheets are a rectangle of fabric. And if we sleep restlessly, then the sheet is anywhere, just not under us. Another thing - sheets with elastic band. So where is the way out? And the way out is not to be lazy and make a sheet of elastic from this rectangle. Or you can buy the right amount of fabric and sew such a sheet.

First you have to measure your mattress: length, width, height. After all, mattresses are different — children, adult one and a half, double adults, and maybe someone has a non-standard mattress. So: we have a mattress. Suppose its dimensions are the following - standard for a mattress.

If the mattress is higher, then such dimensions:

For him, we need such a quantity of fabric as indicated in the figure, or we will convert the finished sheet.

The inner blue square is the size of the upper part of our mattress, the edging blue bar is the height of the mattress (I have 16 cm), the edging blue bar is a necessary supply of fabric that will then be bent under the mattress (at least 6-8 cm, and better than 10 cm ) Thus, having marked the fabric, we proceed to the sewing itself.

It is necessary to continue the line of length and width of the mattress to the end of the fabric (black solid line). Rectangles form at all four ends of our sheets. Sew a sheet along these lines (red zigzag). The excess fabric is cut off, leaving 0.5 cm. We process these cm zigzag, that would not be disheveled. Remember how we in childhood glued boxes in the classroom work. So we did it, only in a soft tissue version. And now, along the whole perimeter, zagina 0.5 cm of fabric and spend it - it's a groove (not completely) for gum. The width of the sheets-cover is divided into 4 parts. We measure this 1/4 and the length of the sheets. And in this length, insert the gum (red lines in the corners). We do this with all four corners of the sheet.

All is ready. Can be worn on the mattress.

Now you can spin as much as you want - the sheet will be in place.

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