How to put plastic windows by yourself

The first thing to do to properly install a plastic window is to prepare the opening. If this is a new building, then you just need to clear the foundation of the future window of debris. If there is an old window, then it must be removed along with the window sill, the platbands and the ebb.

Installation and fastening

First you need to prepare a new window. To do this, remove the glass, remove the sash. Insert an empty frame into the opening and peel it off with pre-prepared pegs. Next you need to align the structure of the construction level (horizontal and vertical plane). When everything is ready, the frame can be fixed by means of anchor bolts or mounting plates. If the frame is installed in a wooden house, then you can use screws under the tree. Do not use nails.
At the next stage, it is necessary to fill the gaps with foam, which is not only a heat insulator, but also a fastener element.To increase the rate of polymerization and the degree of expansion of the material, pre-wet the area of ​​the future location of the foam with water. When all voids are filled, wedges can be pulled out.

Installation of a window sill, outflow

Install a new reflux for opening dimensions. If the window overlooks the loggia (balcony), then instead of a low tide, install a small cornice. Next, cut the window sill to the size of the window opening (taking into account the recess in the frame) and insert it, fastening it to the window profile. Put the plugs in the ends of the window sill. The space under it must be filled with foam. If the gap was too wide, then you can use a cement-sand mortar. On the day of installation of the window it is recommended to arrange the slopes - they can be plastic or plasterboard. In the first case, a practically finished product is installed: you only need to adjust the dimensions and glue the outer, inner corners of plastic. In the second case, the GKL will have to be primed, puttied and painted.

Final stage

The double-glazed window is inserted into the installed frame, the doors are mounted. If necessary, you can install mosquito net, elements of step ventilation, clamps. Do not forget to remove the protective film.Otherwise, under the action of heat, it will firmly stick to the plastic and ruin the look of your window. You can use it no earlier than in a day. During this time, the foam will finally expand and harden.

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