How to print a book?

Alisa Verbova
Alisa Verbova
January 15, 2013
How to print a book?

Reading a text document from the screen or on printed A4 sheets is tedious and inconvenient. It is much more customary to perceive the text presented in the form of a brochure or book. You just need to know how to print a book.

Word settings

  1. Suppose there is already text created in Word.
  2. On the document page, go to the "File" tab and select "Page Settings" (in Word 2007 and 2010 versions, this function is located in the "Page Layout" tab).
  3. Set the orientation of the "portrait" page.
  4. In the "Fields" section, select "Custom Fields" and in the "several pages" window, check "Brochure".
  5. In the column "The number of pages in the brochure" we set "All".
  6. When printing manuals (books), the page is reduced, and, in order not to re-select pictures and font sizes, we immediately determine the A5 format in the Size tab.
  7. Preparation of the document for printing is finished, click "OK" and proceed to work with the printer.

How to print as a book?

Use the Ctrl + P keys to call the window for printing and tick off the "double-sided printing" function.We check that the field for the number of pages indicates: "All" and give the command "OK".

Many models of printers are able to perform the "Text Book" function, they themselves arrange the pages in the right order and give out at the initial stage a pack of sheets printed so far from one side. After the end of the first stage of printing, an information window appears with a proposal to shift the printed pages in the correct order, and then continue printing.

Since our goal is to get a finished book, and we strive to understand how to print a document as a book, it is important to pay special attention to the correct layout of pages and their numbering. So, acting in accordance with the requirements of the printer, we shift the sheets with the finished text on one side, going through them one by one, into the tray of the printing device for blank paper and press "OK" again in the information window. Get double-sided printed sheets. It remains only to check the numbering and correctly sew the book.

If your printer does not support the “text book” mode, use the manual method of page numbering for a small amount of printingwhich appears with the “Print” command) or consult one of the programs that will automatically paginate your text.

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