How to play an electric guitar?

Musical creativity requires great patience and respect for yourself. Our article is for those who start their way as a guitarist. Suppose many readers have already mastered some acoustic guitar skills. Well, it's time to move on to the "electrum"! This is what our article will tell. Let's talk about the techniques and methods of playing the electric guitar. So:

How to play an electric guitar for a beginner

Let's begin, perhaps, with the description of the instrument and its main differences from the acoustic guitar. An electric guitar is a tool that is created in the image and likeness of an acoustic sister. What is the fundamental difference? The difference in the device. The sound on an acoustic guitar does not need a special sounding, as it is heard quite loudly. This is due to the fact that the guitar has a wooden body, which resonates and as a result makes pleasant sounds to the human ear. An electric guitar needs more sophisticated sound production. Each electric guitar has one or several magnetic sensors, which pick up the vibrations of the strings and convert these vibrations into an electrical signal.The current goes through the wires into the amplifying device, from the speakers of which, we hear the sound of an electric guitar. Without these devices, the guitar will sound, but it will not be heard.

Well, we will assume that the difference is clear. Based on the characteristics of the sound of an electric guitar comes out and its structure. As a rule, "electruk" is much less acoustics, let's say, in terms of thickness. The neck is also usually thinner and smaller. But in the modern world of musical instruments, the boundaries of acoustics and electrical signals are erased quite strongly. Therefore, it is difficult to learn to play the electric guitar.

We turn to the basics of playing the electric guitar. All the rules and theory of guitar playing in principle, remain the same. Notes on an electric guitar are arranged the same way as on an acoustic one. Tuning an electric guitar is done using a tuner. This is a device that can be connected to an electric guitar using a cord. Start tuning from the first string - this is the thinnest string that is below everyone on the fingerboard. It is necessary to pull it without clamping on any fret, that is, it should be open. On any tuner, as a rule, there is a scale that determines the sound of a particular note.Lightning a green light bulb will indicate the correct operation of the instrument. A red light bulb on the right indicates that the string is too tight. Sunbathing on the left - the string is not reached.

It is best to use the pick when playing an electric guitar. The choice of a mediator depends on the style of play of the musician and on the genre of music that he is going to perform. For example, jazz is played with thin mediators, and heavy music is thicker. The mediator is held in the right hand (if you are, of course, right-handed) with the first and second fingers. The remaining fingers should be in a free position. Hitting the strings on an electric guitar is classically played from top to bottom. This is called a variable stroke. The first blow from the top, the second from the bottom during a quick game. The transition from one string to another is also carried out with the help of a variable stroke. So you need to play the electric guitar. Having played, for example, the last note on the fifth string from the bottom, you must play the next note on the fourth string by hitting it from above. This way of playing is recognized as the most economical and convenient for the guitarist. Remember, also, that the mediator should strike the strings with its thinnest part, and not the thick one.

A little about the equipment for electric guitar. In order to get real pleasure from playing this instrument you need a combo amplifier or an amplifier with speakers. Such you can find in any music store. For a change, you can also purchase effects pedals, of which there is a huge amount. A good processor for effects can be considered a good alternative. This is a device containing many different sounds for an electric guitar.

And here is another attribute that will help you play the electric guitar. Desire, diligence and patience. As you know, any real musical instrument is very difficult to master. That is why it will take a lot of strength in order to play at least something intelligible on the electric guitar.

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