How to paint your nails on Feng Shui?

Natalya Taraskina
Natalya Taraskina
11 April 2013
How to paint your nails on Feng Shui?

The desire to live beautifully and happily is inherent in any person. If suddenly, at least a little man lacks, as he believes, happiness, then his task is to fill this gap. There are many ways to do this, but which one is effective and correct. As they say, we will search!

Feng Shui

Translated from Chinese, it means wind and water. You can call it the Taoist practice of symbolic development of space. The goal of feng shui is to find and use the right energy for a person. And misfortune is an imbalance. Therefore, a person is trying to bring positive energy into his life. Amulets and charms have always existed, they are in every religion (icons, crosses, beads). Whether it works or not is a matter of faith, not nationality.

Chinese Feng Shui philosophy teaches not only the creation of positive energy in the dwelling space. Women have long been able to adorn themselves with this knowledge. And now it is one of the fashion trends in the field of beauty.Manicure is one of the components of female beauty.

How to paint your nails on Feng Shui? Nails covered with one color of lacquer, not necessarily monophonic. The trick is that the two fingers of the right hand (middle and ring fingers) should have a different color. How to paint your nails on Feng Shui, photos, look on the Internet.

Feng Shui Nails: meaning

Each finger, according to astrology, is responsible for a particular planet:

  • The thumb is responsible for mental work (wind element). Mars gives us health (not only physical).
  • The index finger - says about egocentricity (elements of fire). Planet Jupiter gives us strength and power.
  • Middle finger - indicates our sensitivity and tendency to quarrels (the elements of the earth). Saturn helps to attract wealth and confidence.
  • Ring finger - is responsible for family and love relationships (metal element). The sun adds optimism and vitality.
  • Little finger - is responsible for the well-being and peace of mind (the element of water). Mercury helps enhance creativity.

All this concerns the right hand, as it is considered to be giving. Remember the truth, the more you give, the more you get!

Now turn to the left hand:

  • Big - anxiety and misunderstandings.
  • Index - uncertainty, undue fear.
  • The middle one is sensuality and touchiness.
  • Unnamed - frustration, separation and loneliness.
  • Little finger - treason. Cheating Gossip.

Selecting some fingers in another color, you can try to help yourself in some important matter or issue.

Remember, impeccable appearance will help you improve your life energy. And accordingly, it will make your life even more diverse and successful.

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