How to paint part of the car

Damage to the paintwork of the car body in most cases are local in nature. Causes of local damage to the paint layer may be minor traffic accidents, small particles of the road surface and scratches as a result of unsuccessful parking. Partial painting of the car can significantly reduce the complexity and cost of the work and does not require a special painting chamber.


This method allows spot coloring of small damage to the coating. Pencil is a tool for retouching, which is a container with a small amount of paint, equipped with a special brush. Complete with pencil comes bottle with degreaser.
Before retouching, the surface should be cleaned from particles of old paint and degreased. The coating is applied with a brush in several layers, the amount of which depends on the thickness of the existing paint.The color of paint for retouching is selected in the catalog in full accordance with the coloring of the car body.

Partial recovery technique

If necessary, the restoration of the paintwork area, the area of ​​which exceeds the possibility of applying the method of retouching, using the method of partial painting. As tools for the implementation of the work is used spray gun, the pressure in which is created using a compressor. The method involves the preliminary preparation of the painted surface, its putty, primer and paint application.
Depending on the degree of damage, preliminary surface preparation may include straightening body parts, removing old paint, cleaning the surface and grinding. At this stage can be used grinding machines equipped with interchangeable nozzles of sandpaper.
Putty allows to eliminate small irregularities left after leveling and abrasive surface treatment. Putty mixture applied to the part with a spray gun or spatula, depending on its consistency.To ensure proper quality of work, each subsequent layer should be applied after the previous one is completely dry. After the putty on the painted part of the body part is applied 2-3 layers of soil.

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