How to make roses from paper - 5 options

Beautiful roses - this is always true, they adorn our lives and elevate mood. I want them to be everywhere, because you can admire their natural grace for a long time. But the beauty of natural flowers is very short-lived. Another thing - artificial flowers. How to make them? In this master class I will show 5 options - how to make roses from paper with your own hands with step by step photos. Choose what you like and start the creative process!


Roses from paper

Do-it-yourself rose from paper - master classes

01. Corrugated paper yellow rose

This lesson tells how to make such a delicate flower of corrugated paper with your own hands.

Rose from crepe paper

For the master class, prepare:

  • yellow (if you want to make just this shade of a bud) and green corrugated paper;
  • skewer or sushi stick;
  • scissors;
  • wire;
  • glue;
  • strong thread.

Cut a strip from yellow corrugated paper to create an elastic bud. The approximate dimensions are 8-10 cm wide. The longer the strip is, the more luxurious the flower will turn out. Also, much depends on the stiffness of the material. If the corrugated paper is well stretched, then sheets will appear more streamlined.

How to make a beautiful rose

Fold the strip across several times. First you can make a bend in the center, then fold it in half and so on, it all depends on the length of the strip. At the time of cutting paper, be aware that the fibers of the sheets should go along the strip, it should be stretched along.

Cut a strip in this position several times to get processes about 1 cm wide. Do not forget to make cuts on the sides.

Each portion of the strips after the notches is rounded. Use scissors and make absolutely symmetrical cuts. Now, each strip in the fringe with a rounded edge should be turned into a petal.

Expand the strip - in front of you is a fringe with rounded teeth. Each clove stretch your fingers to the side. If the fibers of corrugated paper are arranged along the strips, then each petal will stretch well. Be sure to treat the paper by stretching it on one side, otherwise the petals will be bent in different directions.

Use the prepared stick or skewer as a stem. Lubricate the tip with glue. From the very edge, start winding the prepared fringe around the tip. Apply a greased tip to the edge, press down.

Wind the entire yellow stripe with petals on the skewer. If necessary, the glue can be gradually added. Be sure to fix the end so that the flower does not fall apart.

Now look at the result of whether the bud is tight enough. If you have enough one lane, then leave the craft in this form.

If you want to add pomp, a few new petals, then repeat the procedure with yellow crepe paper.make another similar strip according to the above method, then turn it into a fringe with rounded processes-petals and glue with a second layer.

The base of the flower can be wound with threads, so that the petals slightly open. Prepare a strip of green fringe, but twist each process at the end with your fingers.

Wind the green fringe at the base of the flower, pushing away the sharp tips. Also shake the whole stem with green paper.

From wire and oval green leaves make an additional twig.

Glue the twig to the stem.

A rosette is made of corrugated paper with your own hands!

02. Paper rose in origami technique

Creating a simple square sheet of various crafts is known as origami. In this technique, you can make a lot of paper products, but especially interesting are the flowers. In our master class, a step-by-step flower making will be shown.

A paper rose in origami technique

This will require:

  • square of the desired color;
  • toothpick.

How to make roses from paper

First we fold our paper square in two diagonals.

Then you will need to make another transverse fold in the other direction.

Now you need to fold the workpiece in the form of a double triangle.

The resulting blank has two layers - top and bottom. Take the corners from the top and drive them to the middle line.

The corners on top need to be bent down so that the fold is horizontal.

The resulting wrinkles need to be straightened. First we do it on the left side, gently straightening a small triangle.

After that, he needs to be shaped into a square.

We repeat similar actions on the right side.

We turn the workpiece over and repeat all actions.

The upper corner will turn down, forming the necessary folds.

Now we are interested in the lower part of the workpiece. We begin to smoothly straighten it.

The folds located on the sides, you need to give a triangular shape. First we do it on the left.

After that, repeat to the right.

Again, turn the billet of the flower the other side, the previously bent triangle must be positioned strictly vertically. This will be the core of our flower.

We begin to gently twist the middle.

We continue this action in one direction, so we create petals.

It remains to tweak the edges of the flower with a toothpick, our origami rose is ready.

03. How to make a rose from toilet paper

The shape of this flower is so mesmerizing that I want to try to recreate it with different materials.Paper is often used to imitate the petals of this flower. In our master class, we are invited to use colored toilet paper, from which thin rose petals are obtained.

How to make a rose from toilet paper

Work requires:

  • toilet paper (2 or 3-layer) of the desired color:
  • scissors;
  • toothpick;
  • glue stick.

On one flower, on average, it takes about 20 petals. Cutting them out of paper depends on the number of layers. In our case we used 2-layer paper, we take 5 of its pieces.

Fold them together. Then, these 5 pieces are required to be folded in half.

Cut out the shape of the petals.

We get 10 petals, each of which has 2 layers (in the following we will separate them). We turn the tip of each petal with a toothpick.

Do not throw away the rest after cutting the petals. Cut a strip out of it.

Take one of its layers. Now grease the toothpick with glue and proceed to the formation of the core of the flower.

To do this, we will wrap a strip of paper around the tip of a toothpick. It turns out the core of our flower.

Then each of the 10 petals obtained is separated into layers. We put a little glue on the bottom of the thin petal.

And wrap them around the core of the flower. Take the next petal and continue forming the flower.

We do this until the flower is fully prepared.

04. Rose from the paper with their own hands

In this master class we will make a ph of such a musical rose.

Rose from note paper

Take note paper.

Download and print a sketch of a rose. Transfer it to paper and cut it out.

Then start spinning the workpiece.

Fix each circle with hot glue.

Petals of the outer circle can be tightened with a toothpick.

Decorate the flower with sparkles.

A flower made of musical paper is ready!

05. How to make a rosette of paper napkins

Decoration of the holiday table depends largely on the cause of the celebration. If this is a children's holiday, it will be enough bright colors in the design, and the dishes can be paper, but with beautiful drawings. Another thing, if you plan a romantic dinner, in this case requires the creation of a special atmosphere.

Candles, flowers can be used here, and décor that can be created using serving napkins is also welcome. For example, flowers made of this material will look interesting. Making such a rose from paper napkins is shown in our master class.

How to make a rose out of paper napkins

To create such a table decor we prepare:

  • paper napkins of green and pink color;
  • scissors;
  • glue stick.

You can use napkins of different colors, but it is important that they have the same size. We will make a flower of pink color, therefore we prepared a paper napkin of the corresponding shade. And to create the stem and leaflet useful green cloth. First, completely unfold the paper napkin green.

To produce a flower directly, half the pink wipe is enough for us. Therefore, cut off the part.

Now half of this part of the pink napkin is put under the green, gluing the place of the joint with glue.

The other half of the pink napkin bend upward, not forgetting to apply glue. So we got a blank of two paper napkins to create a rose.

Start this workpiece by twisting it into a loose tube.

At the end of the work, the flower can be twisted to become an imitation of the petals.

Now we begin to tightly twist the green napkin, located immediately under the base of the flower.

So we continue to twist about 5-6 cm more. After that, we begin to form a leaflet.

To do this, lower the free corner of the green napkin gently bend upwards.

After that, we continue to tightly tighten the napkin, forming the stem.

Our rose from paper napkins is ready.

Video tutorials on creating roses

Bulky roses on colored paper skewers

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A big peony rose with your own hands

Interesting Facts

In China, the rose was considered an imperial flower, only gardeners of the imperial garden had the right to grow it - the rest was strictly forbidden.From China, she came to India: there she was revered as a sacred flower, and her name was associated with many legends. In Japan, this plant did not deserve such love as in other countries, however it was there that the multicolored rose grew, which became the basis for the development of new varieties.

Then it became part of the culture of the ancient Greeks - without it, no important ceremonial events could have been done, whether it was a wedding or a funeral. Along with this, the rose was studied from a botanical point of view. So, it was Teofrast, who is often called the father of botany, described the plant growing in Greece, told about his planting and caring for him.

The Romans adopted a respectful attitude to the rose from the Greeks: it was symbolized with morality and purity, besides, it was grown here on an industrial scale. Moreover, in the spring in Rome, even held Rosalia (a commemoration of the dead, during which the graves were decorated with wreaths of roses).

But as the empire began to decline, the plant became associated with diametrically opposed concepts - vulgarity and immoderate luxury.After that, in the period of early Christianity, the rose was temporarily forgotten and regained its status only for the 4th century.

She did not get to Western Europe immediately, and it is difficult to call this road easy. So, these flowers were brought to France only in the 5th-6th centuries, in Germany they were cultivated only in the 13th century, and in England they appeared even later - Benedictine monks who came from France in the 15th-16th centuries contributed to the spread. / p>

A rose in the myths and legends of various nations

This flower is inextricably linked with the concept of beauty and the divine principle in the myths of different nations. Thus, in Indian mythology, Lakshmi appeared from the blossoming bud of this flower - the most beautiful girl in the world. She was so beautiful that when he saw her, the god Vishnu fell in love, woke her up with a kiss and made him his wife.

According to another legend, the god Vishnu once argued with Brahma about what kind of flower is most beautiful in the world. Vishnu, already conquered by her grace, insisted that she deserved the title of the most beautiful; Brahma, who had never seen this flower, preferred the lotus. But as soon as Vishnu showed Brahma the rose, he agreed with him, and the dispute was settled.

In Greek mythology, the flower is associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It was believed that it was formed from the sea foam that remained on the body of the goddess when she came out of the sea. Once Adonis, the beloved Aphrodite, mortally wounded a boar while hunting. Upon learning of this, the goddess, in tears, rushed to Adonis, ignoring the thorns of roses that stuck in her feet, growing on her way. It was the blood of Aphrodite that spilled and once painted white flowers in scarlet.

However, this is not the only story about how a rose has acquired a red hue. The Persian version is much sadder. This legend tells how a nightingale was admired with a rose. He loved her with all his heart and decided to press her to the chest, but ran into sharp thorns. The blood of the unfortunate and painted petals in red.

According to another version, Eva, walking in the Garden of Eden, saw a beautiful snow-white flower; she liked her so much that she could not resist and kissed him. The white rose, flattered, we are paying attention, blushed with embarrassment - yes it remained red.

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