How to make money on stocks?

Many dream and wonder how to make money on stocks without leaving home, so that the money flowed like a free river. Ideally, it is also to spend the effort to a minimum. Some try this novelty, as earnings on the Internet. However, here we must not lose vigilance, since a huge number of scammers lurk gullible and inexperienced users in the global network. Against this background, the most reliable and trustworthy seems to be earnings on the purchase and sale of securities, usually stocks.

Shares - securities that give their owners the right to receive dividends (part of the company's profits), as well as the right to vote in deciding a particular issue related to the company's activities.

I must say that the earnings on the shares - it is really a very effective way to invest their hard-earned money. And on the Internet there are many exchanges, where shares can be both purchased and sold. But, to understand how to make money on stocks, you must first understand the investment.

How not to lose?

It would seem that it could be simpler: buy shares of a developing company, wait a couple of years.During this time, the company will “get stronger”, declare itself on the market, will start making a profit, and its shares will, accordingly, immediately rise in price. But, unfortunately, in fact, things are far from being so smooth and simple, because only those who are at least superficially knowledgeable in investing, who understand the laws of the market and know how to predict situations that arise on the stock exchange, can make money from stocks. If there is a gap in this knowledge, then it must be filled before starting the game on the exchange. Otherwise, this game may be unprofitable.

Ways of earning on shares

The easiest of these methods is to earn on the growth of stocks. Suppose you analyzed the performance indicators of a certain company, noticed that the indicators are growing, and based on this, predicted a speedy increase in the value of the shares of this company. We bought, say, 100 of its shares. If your prediction turns out to be correct, and the shares really increase in price, you will be able to sell them more expensive than you bought. It is important not to "play", and sell the shares when the price seems to you profitable. Because some time after the rise, it may start to fall, and you will be lucky if you at least return the invested money, not to mention profit.

You can also earn on the fall of the stock.A global collapse happens, for example, during a global economic crisis. At this point, the shares of many companies fall almost to zero, and you can buy them for a penny. In this situation, it is important to know that after a certain time, with state support, some of these companies will “rise” again, and their shares will again be in value. Here, the winner is who can figure out and understand which of these companies can count on state support, and which ones will remain “overboard”.

In order to avoid disappointment, it should be remembered that earnings on shares cannot be classified as “big and easy money,” it does not happen as quickly as it might seem at first glance.

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