How to make a vote in the contact?

Dmitry Ostrozhny
Dmitry Ostrozhny
January 29, 2013
How to make a vote in the contact?

Vkontakte voting is a very convenient way to find out from users about their opinion on a particular issue: which phone model they like more, what they do in their spare time, how much time they spend on social networks, etc. People like it and group / public administrators can get useful information. Recently, polls can even be shared on your wall, which can positively affect the attendance of the group. Here are some sample polls:

Sample survey

How to make a vote in VKontakte

Everything is very simple. To make a vote on your wall - click on the window that says “What's new?”, Point to the Attach button, Other, and select Poll. It looks like this:

Attach the poll

You will see a form for creating a poll, where you can enter: Topic, response options and enable anonymous poll mode:

Subject of the survey

By the way, you can attach pictures, music, video, graffiti, map, document or timer to the polls using the “Attach” button.

How to make a group vote? Creating a vote in a group is no different from creating a vote on your wall. You must be a group administrator to create polls.

Voting efficiency

After you know how to make a vote in contact, you should take care of its effectiveness. Here are the factors that influence user interest:

  • Relevant topics. If the group is about colors, users will not be interested in discussing cars, and gamers will not even think of participating in a poll about dog breeds.
  • Decor. If necessary - add pictures, attract the attention of your visitors to the survey, carefully consider the options for answers.
  • Anonymity.

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