How to make a painting?

In the modern world, each of us is in one way or another littered with documents and papers. It doesn't matter what it is: personal documents, business papers, application forms, receipts, powers of attorney or certificates. They all have one common integral attribute - painting. Without painting, all papers lose their legal meaning and meaning.

In the Russian legislation there are no clear instructions what kind of personal painting should be. This gives us freedom of action and fantasy. But before you figure out how to come up with a painting, you should figure out what it should be ideally.

Good painting should be:

  • resistant to a fake (but not too difficult for its owner),
  • individual (it is not necessary to copy someone's favorite painting),
  • identifiable (i.e., to remind the name and surname of its owner),
  • more or less legible (and not just a cluster of zagogulin),
  • fast for writing (after all, many paintings are put literally "on the run").

So, we see that there are quite a few unwritten requirements for painting, despite the absence of strict requirements and frameworks.Now let's see what elements can be painted.

The painting may consist of:

  • letters of the name and surname (lowercase or uppercase, written in the usual or calligraphic way),
  • monograms (a special character created by merging the first letters of the name and surname),
  • a stroke (the finishing touch, often a continuation of the last letter).

However, there are options. There are murals consisting of only “curlicues”. And sometimes people even include a smiley in the mural, that is, they draw a small smile.

How to come up with a passport painting

  1. The first and easiest way: write down the first letters of your last name on a piece of paper and add a graceful squiggle. It happens that such a simple painting looks quite solid and harmonious.
  2. The second method is a bit more complicated: connect the first three letters of your last name with the first letter of your first name. Rearrange them in places, play with connecting elements and style.
  3. Put next to the first letter of the name and patronymic, connect them with graceful curlicues or a strict broken line.
  4. Just write your full name. Before it you can put the first letter of the name with a dot.The main thing here is the style of writing. You can use handwriting that reflects your character. For example, write the name in neat, clear letters, or place the letters under a sharp incline, or make an inscription going up, or write in elegant small letters.
  5. Create a monogram or your own monogram. That is, weave your initials into a beautiful sign, using patterns and ornateness. Give them a shape, add decorations - most importantly, do not overdo it.

However, no one knows how to come up with a painting better than you yourself. After all, each person has a unique handwriting and character. Therefore, our advice should be used as a basis for experimentation. The more you try, the sooner you get a successful painting. How to make her beautiful?

How to come up with a beautiful painting

The painting is a corporate logo, an individual sign that distinguishes us from others. The painting should be original and look good. Of course, it will be easier for you if you have beautiful handwriting. And if it is also sweeping, it’s quite easy. Drawing an elegant and natural squiggle will not be difficult for you.However, there are universal recommendations for owners of any handwriting:

  • play with the size of the letters in the painting, giving it a beautiful shape,
  • change the slope of both individual and all letters,
  • draw the flourish and curlicues easily, without pressing hard on the pen,
  • evaluate the look of the painting as a whole, without focusing on its elements,
  • check the shape, size and harmony of the composition of the painting,
  • do not pile a large number of patterns, feel the measure,
  • Do not be afraid to experiment.

Now, stop looking for answers to the question of how to come up with a painting, just take a piece of paper, a pen (preferably a gel one), sit at the table and start creating your unique painting. The more options you use, the sooner you will understand how to come up with a beautiful painting. Good luck!

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