How to make a home smoke box

The desire to have your smokehouse is quite understandable, because it is both smoked wings for beer for the holidays, and a delicious fragrant dinner in the form of a smoked leg or a piece of bacon. How to refuse such a yummy? Of course, there is the option of buying finished smoked products in the store, but it will be a completely different product to taste, aroma and benefit. Not everyone knows that large meat processing plants have long since abandoned expensive smoking, replacing it with a cheaper “liquid” smoke - a chemical preparation that resembles smoked product in taste and smell, and chemical dye is used as a dye. Harmful substances, as they contain E-form additives, though at an acceptable rate, but does this make it easier? Therefore, you are offered an algorithm to make your own oil lamp. The total cost of such a “device” is about $ 10, the service life depends on the time of using an electric device. The effectiveness of smoking is 100%, the taste is amazing, and the cooking speed takes 45 seconds! List necessary gadgets: 1.Boiler low power, designed for heating 0.5 liters of water. 2. The foil is the usual size of 35 X 35 cm. 3. Sawdust, preferably alder, as their burning temperature is lower than that of oak or juniper. You can take small chips. 4. Three-liter jar. 5. Plastic cover, you can take the old one, as it will have to be slightly spoiled. 6. Chicken drumstick or any other product of not very large size, such that it fits in the jar, without touching the sawdust inside.
 oil window details
 need for smoking
Algorithm for creating your own miracle. 1. Pour dry sawdust on the bottom of a three-liter jar, the layer thickness must be at least 3 cm. 2. Cut a square from a foil, measure 35 X 35 cm, fold twice in half and put it inside a jar on sawdust.
 bank with sawdust
aluminumwet the sawdust
Chicken leg, thigh, wing, welded to the finished state, to be tied up with a loop to the twine. Adjust the length of the twine so that the product does not touch the sawdust in the can. Place the product inside by closing the lid tightly.
 put on the boiler
 we fill the smoking shed
scour the hole
Turn on the boiler for exactly 35-40 seconds. During this time, the sawdust will begin to smoke, the air inside the can warms to the desired temperature. After 40 seconds, the boiler must be turned off, because: - sawdust may explode from the high temperature; - there will be enough smoke to smoke the product; - the inside air of the can will warm up to 75 degrees, and this is enough to smoke beautifully lay on the surface of meat or fat.
 fasten with a toothbrush
After a trip the boiler should wait until the smoke in the bank has completely settled, only then you can remove the product and serve. Do not be alarmed when the smoke inside the container becomes milky white and the products will not be visible, this is a normal process and if you do not manage it over time, your product will not burn and will not be bitter after the end of the process.
tie a leg
 tied up in smokehouse  include To smoke a kilogram of wings, we need 200 grams of sawdust and 45 minutes of time, quite a bit, considering that the dish will be 100% natural.
waiting a few seconds
 smoked chicken leg
 smoked chicken leg
 smokedchicken leg
 smoked chicken leg
Unfortunately, this recipe is not suitable for large containers, because smoke to the desired temperature takes more time, and the sawdust from this explode.
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