TOP 20 picturesque houses with a "green" roof. Master Class

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AllScandinavia, especiallyNorway, is famous for its beautiful landscapes full of greenery and picturesque houses covered with grass and trees. These fabulous houses with amazing green roofs, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also budget. With these roofs, you can reduce heating costs and air conditioning costs in the summer, as well as provide excellent insulation and they are durable. Norwegians are very proud of their houses, so every year there is a competition for the best "green" roof project, organized by the associationScandinavian Green Roof. Let's take a closer look at them and at the end of the article you will learn how to make such a roof with your own hands. Enjoy ...

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How to make a "green" roof?

Green Roofis a complex multi-layer construction of several materials, which allows you to grow plants on it and not to destroy the roofing. So, consider its structure:

For a sloping roof, you will need a certain construction made of wood or plastic boxes, since the ground can slip over time. If a box becomes unusable, it can easily be replaced. Even with soil and plants they are lightweight. You can make your own wooden boxes. Manufacturing technology is simple: on the frame of the boards, which will play the role of bumpers, stretches the film.

For planting plants it is necessary to fill the pallets. Bottom lined with foil. To drain excess water, you need to make holes in the film and pallet. Then the geotextiles are laid - a special fabric that does not rot and absorbs moisture. Approximately one third of the pallet should be filled with drainage, for example, expanded clay. And then the soil is laid.

If you sow it with a lawn, the roots will bind the soil very well.Over time, you can annoy any plants to your taste.

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