How to make a box of drywall

You will need
  • - metal profile and guides screws or dowels
  • - drywall
  • - handsaw
  • - building level
  • - plumb
  • - gon
  • - a hammer
  • - screwdriver
  • - pencil for marking
The main component of success - the foundation. Therefore, we begin to manufacture the frame for our box. To do this, we fix the guides on the walls that form an angle with the pipe so that the space between the pipe and the sheet of drywall, which you subsequently screw to the metal frame, is at least 5-7 centimeters. Rails must be fixed strictly vertically, so use the building level or plumb.
Now fasten the guides to the floor and ceiling. Use the carpenter's square. It is necessary to ensure that the angles are equal to 90. At this stage, the accuracy of measurements is extremely important. If you do it right, it will be much easier to work on.
Next, you must in place of the outer corner to fix the metal profile in full length from floor to ceiling. As before, use the level.
We connect the profile and guides on the walls in increments of 60 centimeters, starting from the floor, using the same profile as on the outer corner.
If you did everything right, you should have a solid and even construction. Next, fasten drywall in the same way as on the ceiling or walls, using for this screws on the metal. As you can see, nothing complicated.
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Helpful advice
Be sure to think about how you will access the hidden items in the event of a malfunction. Perhaps in the manufacture of boxes to hide the sewer pipes you should take care of sound insulation to reduce the noise coming from the pipes.

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