How to make a bow tie out of wood

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The issue of ecology today worries not only scientists, but also designers. Modern companies are trying to use recycled materials in production to help nature as much as possible. Moreover, the designers of recyclable make anything you want: furniture, lamps and even wooden ties.

How to make a tie plywood bowtie

These butterflies are the epitome of sophisticated style. Agree that a wooden bow tie can hardly be called a common object.Designers claim that the unusual idea has received huge demand, and it is fashionable to wear wooden bow ties today.

If you want to make a bow tie yourself for your loved one or as a gift to your best friend, then do not waste time and start today!

How to make a bow tie out of plywood

If you have minimal tools for working with wood, such as a jigsaw, grinder and file, then you can make this masterpiece as soon as possible.If you have any questions, ask them in the comments to this article.

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