How to make a beautiful book of wishes?

To remember the celebration, you can use the attributes that will remind you about it. One of them is the original wish book. And you can do it yourself.

What is a wish book, why is it needed?

The Wish Book is a holiday attribute that has become relatively recent. It can be used for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other significant date. In such a book, all guests can leave their wishes to the hero of the occasion, write something important, pleasant or funny. And the owner of such an accessory, turning over its pages after a few years, will be able to refresh his memories and once again experience pleasant emotions associated with the holiday.

How to do?

How to make an original and beautiful wish book with your own hands? We offer two interesting production options.

Option One

To make a book in this way, you will need:

  • a folder for papers with rings, having a single-color and preferably light cover (colored, bright or dark, can be seen through the material used for covering);
  • cloth, wrapping paper or wallpaper for the cover;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • A4 sheets of paper;
  • printer (preferably color);
  • hole puncher;
  • universal glue or filled glue gun;
  • ribbon;
  • decorative items.


  1. First prepare the base. To do this, remove a layer of thin smooth paper from the inside of the folder, leaving a small area near the rings. This is necessary for reliable fixation of the material used for decoration (it is unlikely to stick to a smooth surface).
  2. Cut a piece of wallpaper or paper, in shape and size equal to the open folder. Add two centimeters from each side to the folds. Tape over the material folder and let the glue dry.
  3. From the inside of each side of the cover stick on a clean sheet.
  4. Make a tie. To do this, on each side of the cover from the inside, glue on a piece of ribbon. Arrange the strings around the middle of the book to use them comfortably.
  5. Then, using the ready-made template and printer found on the Internet, design all the sheets, preferably from both sides, so that there is more room for writing wishes.Now make a hole with holes in them with the edge corresponding to the arrangement of the rings in the folder.
  6. Next, go to the decor. Use glue or pistol to glue flowers, beads, beads, pebbles, or something else made of paper or napkins onto the cover.
  7. Homemade, but very interesting wish book is ready!

Option Two

Such a beautiful book can be made almost from scrap materials. Here's what you need:

  • dense cardboard;
  • synthetic winterizer or other soft material;
  • beautiful cover fabric, such as satin or velvet;
  • lace;
  • Felt, contrasting in color with the main tissue;
  • glue gun;
  • identical beads or rhinestones;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • Printer;
  • chalk for fabric;
  • clean sheets A4;
  • awl;
  • thick thread or thin rope;
  • romantic stickers with thematic images;
  • tape.

Process description:

  1. The first stage is the production of the cover. Cut out three details: the two sides and the base connecting them. On the reverse side, connect them with a piece of clean sheet and glue.
  2. Sheets decorate using ready-made themed stickers.
  3. Then immediately add the cover sheets.To do this with an awl, make two holes in them, thread a thread or a rope through them and pull it through the cover (you will also need to make holes in it). Connect the ends of the thread from the inside, tie it well and fix it with glue for reliability.
  4. Cut out soft material and fabric in accordance with the size of the cover (when cutting the fabric, leave allowances for the turns).
  5. Cover the entire cover with soft material from the outside.
  6. Then cover the cover with a cloth. Cover the inside with sheets or also with a cloth. Glue the ribbon-ties to the cover.
  7. Next, go to the decor. Cut out the felt figures of the bride and the groom from the felt by finding the images in advance on the Internet and transferring them to the material. Stick them to the cover. In another place, place and lock the strip of lace. Along it or across the surface, paste the rhinestones or beads.

Helpful Tips

Some useful tips for those who decided to make a wish book with their own hands:

  • For decoration, you can use a variety of decorative or even handy, seemingly unnecessary materials or parts, for example, wrapping paper, ribbons, rhinestones and stones, beads and beads, buttons, pieces of fabric, laces, dried flowers, small soft toys, sparkles , jewelry and more.Open the box in which you put the little things: among them you will certainly be able to find something interesting.
  • Find interesting ideas can be on the Internet. You can also go to the trick and view photos or portfolios that lay out the master scrapbooking.
  • When making such an accessory, consider not only the reason, but also the theme of the holiday. For example, if you plan a wedding "Mods", then for the decor you can use satin fabric with polka dots, complemented by lace. And if the wedding should be romantic, then choose delicate flowers and decorate the book with them.
  • Sheets can be arranged in different ways. If you have artistic abilities and developed imagination, write them yourself. On the Internet you can find a lot of ready-made templates. Try using stencils. And in the office store you can buy color seals with various images.
  • It is desirable, that all wedding accessories were sustained in one style. These include bottles of champagne and a basket for them, newlywed glasses, a ring cushion and, of course, a book of wishes.

Using one of the suggested methods, make an original and tender wish book with your own hands!

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