How to lose weight from yoga

Yoga is a set of exercises designed not so much for losing weight as for the general health of the body. If you want to drastically change your figure in the shortest possible time, you should choose another sport. Those who are not in a hurry, and ready for a long and systematic work, who wants not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to make their body healthy, yoga will help.
In yoga, there are several directions. Some types will help you lose weight, while others are mostly aimed at relaxation. If you like intense workouts, and you have good physical training, give preference to ashtanga yoga, a distinctive feature of which is the quick change of asanas. For beginners, classical Hatha Yoga will do, which also puts strain on muscles and burns calories. Kriya-yoga is also suitable for your purposes, in which a certain time is allotted to hold each asana, and bikram yoga, during exercises which reproduces the climate of India: high air temperature and low humidity.
No sport will give proper results if the amount of calories consumed is greater than the amount spent during the day. Yoga is not only a complex of sports exercises, but also a lifestyle: the people involved in it are closely watching what food they eat and in what quantities. Depending on the school, nutrition principles vary. Some yogis practice vegetarianism, while others recommend diversifying their diet as much as possible. What they agree on is that food should be fresh and should be eaten in small portions. You can repeatedly open the refrigerator, the main thing - do not eat more than you need. Do not get carried away with fatty and fried foods. Much more benefit will boiled, stewed or steamed food. People who have been practicing yoga for a long time believe that the body itself is gradually rebuilt to the diet that can bring him maximum benefit.
Want to lose weight with yoga - drink as much fluid as possible. Start the morning with a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice. Contraindication to the use of this drink will be increased acidity, if you suffer from it, it is better to prefer plain water.During the day, also do not forget to drink tea, juice without sugar, fruit drinks, clean water. This will reduce your appetite and contribute to improving the shape.

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