How to lengthen clothes: some interesting ideas for inspiration


Preparing for the last publication about repairing and lengthening the sleeves, I found some interesting photos on the topic of how to change the length of other parts of clothing. I present to you a selection of ideas that seemed interesting to me.

Nowadays, of course, repairing and lengthening old things is not so important: in the heyday of the mass market, it is easier to buy new clothes than to redo old ones. However, sometimes it is a pity to throw out a favorite thing, I want to update or refresh it. It is not difficult to shorten most often, but it's a little more difficult to lengthen.

As practice shows, even on new things now often imitate the length adjustment. Let's start with skirts and dresses. For example, inserts of transparent fabric in the hem of women's clothing.

Of course, the most popular way: adding on the bottom of the product strips of fabric or lace and braid.

I liked the variants with figured and contrasting inserts.

In the same way, you can lengthen the pants: cuffs of contrasting fabric, lace or fancy inserts on the bottom of the legs look at least boring.

A more radical transformation of trousers may be in the arrangement of openwork (and not only) inserts not at the bottom of the leg, but in the middle, as well as in a combined decoration of pockets and a belt with similar lace. The version with knitted cuffs and change the shape of the pants may like sports girls.

For blouses, knitted jumpers options weight! The most popular - lace inserts on the bottom of the product. I didn’t give many examples, because this variant of decoration and lengthening is the most common. The main thing is that the inserts look harmonious.

It is possible to extend not only along the bottom, but also by inserting strips in the middle of the product, if the model allows. Lace and sewing can be successfully replaced with a contrast fabric.

And finally, the idea found in the open spaces of the network is for lovers of layering and frills: it is not at all necessary to sew an insert to the product! You can make a kind of "skirt" and wear it under any favorite jumper, depending on the image and mood.And if you make several different colors and textures, then the number of sets will tend to infinity.

I hope that I did not tire you with my selection.

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