How to learn to love your body

The ability to relate to oneself is positively laid throughout the entire childhood age, in many respects it depends on the parents. Influencing the formation of self-esteem and relationships with peers and the opposite sex. If you absolutely do not like certain features of your body, try to change the situation - learn to accept yourself.
Learning to take your body unconditionally (whatever it may be) is not easy. Normal self-hypnosis is not enough. Try to look in the mirror more often, smile to yourself. It is better to look at full height, then in the undressed, then in the dressed look. Look at yourself as if from the side, note what you consider to be your shortcomings. Do not try to drown out the negative emotions concerning your figure. Repeat this ritual for several days. You will notice that the calm comes to replace the negative - the effect of addiction works, and your body begins to like you.
Take care of yourself, care for your body, face. It doesn't matter what you do: take a bath with fragrant foam, go to a beauty salon, exercise, cook a delicious meal, buy new clothes. Caring is a part of love, it charges you with a positive attitude towards yourself, increases self-esteem, improving attitude towards your body.
Arrange a photo session with an experienced photographer. Good pictures will help to change your opinion of yourself for the better, get used to your appearance. Print the best photos and place them in a conspicuous place, so that they often remind you of who you really are.
Learn to accept compliments properly. Never deny that you look good, otherwise the next time a person simply does not want you to do them. Accept the kind words with joy, learn to respond to them with gratitude, often give compliments to the people around you.

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