How to install modloader?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
October 1, 2014
How to install modloader?

ModLoader is a special program that allows you to update the game client in Minecraft. It includes special files that are used for the correct operation of the installed mods in the game Minecraft. From our article you will learn how to install a modloader.

Program installation

Installing Modloader for Minecraft is quite simple. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Download the app from the site.
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Copy all files from the Modloader folder to minecraft.jar. It is worth noting that this folder may be located in the bin directory. So go to the Start menu and click Run and type% appdata% \. Minecraft \ bin \. In this folder, locate minecraft.jar, right-click and open the folder using WinRAR (7zip).
  4. Copy all files from Modloader and confirm copying.
  5. Delete META-INF from the minecraft.jar folder. It is worth noting that if you do not, the game will not load. Instead there will be a black screen.
  6. Now you need to check whether this mod is installed.

Installing mods

If you managed to install the modloader on Minecraft, then you can proceed to installing mods using this program.For example, let's try installing a mod on cars:

  1. Download the mod from the site.
  2. Copy all the information from the car mod folder to the mods folder, which will automatically be generated next to the bin folder.
  3. Reboot the game and proceed to the creation of the machine.
  4. In order to remove the mods, you must forcefully update the game.

Some mods that require a modloader to install:

  • Transfuser API. This mod allows you to create 2 objects from one, and with it you can add your own recipes for the block;
  • Mattyp153’s Fixes. A mod that helps to collect items of 64 units and more;
  • 2D Craft. Allows you to generate a game where the playing field will look one block wide;
  • 40 more stars mode allows you to use different options of stairs: glass, stone and wool;
  • Aluminum. A mod with which aluminum and its products can appear in the game;
  • Cheetah Pack. This is a collection of the best mods aimed at playing over the network;
  • Armor Stand adds a block that allows you to show armor.

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