How to hang in grams

This is where many people experience stress, so it is on the scales. Especially when their readings are not accurate enough - after all, every gram is counted! Evolis and Tendancy scales from Tefal will help to save you from unnecessary worries and help find out in which direction your body weight has changed.
Bathroom scales tefal
Bathroom scales tefal

Smart scales with a three-color indicator will show all changes since the last weighing. Green color will announce victory over weight, red will warn of weight gain, and orange will let you know that your weight has remained unchanged. Evolis model is able to remember the data of two users, and Tendancy - four. In addition, you no longer have to record the readings, since Tendancy remembers the last seven results and displays a graph of changes. New items are presented in a classic white case or in a futuristic design with a platform of tempered glass.

Manufacturer:Tefal (France).Price:Tendancy - 2390 rub.

Date: 10.10.2018, 13:10 / Views: 73475

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