How to get to Lugansk?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
November 26, 2014
How to get to Lugansk?

Despite the fact that battles are taking place in the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk region, the lines of communication with Lugansk remain, although it is not necessary to speak of any regularity due to the unpredictability of hostilities. You can quickly get to Luhansk by car, but you can also get into the city limits using the train. Below will be considered various options for how to get to Lugansk from Ukraine and Russia by road and rail.

Dispatch from Ukrainian cities

Even under favorable conditions, a trip from some cities of Ukraine to Lugansk can take a day or more. The safest way to get to Lugansk is through northern settlements, such as:

  • Novoaydar;
  • Severodonetsk;
  • Lysychansk.

Traveling by private car, it will be safer to join the "private traders" who make regular trips to Lugansk and who know the roundabout ways to get to the city. Otherwise, you run the risk of stumbling upon a roadblock.

If there is no personal car, then the trip can cost 1000-1500 UAH (about $ 100) in one direction, besides, as a result of increased shelling, drivers sometimes refuse to drive.

To travel by train to Lugansk, residents of the Kiev capital can take the train "520D", which departs from the station daily. Force majeure circumstances periodically occur, as a result of which the train does not go further than the nearby point (Alchevsk) and it is necessary to travel by commuter trains - “diesel engines”.

Moving to Lugansk from the territory of the Russian Federation

You can also get to Lugansk from Russian cities by car and train.

By train:

  • 369SC (passenger), ticket price - from 642 rubles;
  • 126K (passenger, fast), ticket price - from 993 rubles.

By car:

  • highway P22 - entering the city through the north-east direction;
  • highway E40-M04-H21 - the entrance to the city through the south-east direction.

In addition, passenger buses regularly run from the regional bus terminals. Schedule must be clarified at the box office. The fastest flights in the direction of Lugansk will be trips from cities such as:

  • Rostov-on-Don;
  • Volgograd;
  • Donetsk;
  • Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

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